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In just a few years, we’ve built a software company that proudly powers 66% of the Fortune 100 and 45% of the Fortune 500 — and we look forward to meeting the challenges and opportunities of our expanding markets and our ever-changing world. Now our strategy is evolving to fuel our next phase of growth and prepare for the data-driven, technology-rich, future-facing Digital+ economy.

If you’re part of our customer family, you know our software is exactly what you need when success is critical and every detail matters. It just works. Our application development platforms can power an enterprise — or build a modern, mobile app that provides wayfinding at your favorite home improvement store. Our globally recognized marketing automation solutions reach billions of people every day. Our software is rock-solid with proven security. And with our 8,000 employees and 775 business partners, we’re poised to take on the rapidly evolving future.

We’ve identified future trends in technology that we believe will define the next decade. These include connectivity at scale, the potential of digital currency, expanding digital experiences to include VR, the power of quantum computing, ubiquitous cloud, and the omnipresence of sustainable tech. To ensure that we’re ready, we need to be flexible, adaptable, digital-first, and embrace innovation.

Future-facing leaders and companies will still need to meet market demands effectively and seamlessly. And those who are ready for what’s coming next know they must digitally transform at a deep level, intelligently automate core business processes, manage and derive insights from a torrent of data — and do this while keeping all that data secure.

To support these business imperatives, we are embracing the market areas that the most successful, confident, and data-driven companies need. These four areas (with their current market size) are Digital Transformation (almost $600 billion), AI & Automation ($387 billion and $12.3 billion, respectively), Data, Analytics & Insights (more than $200 billion) and Enterprise Security ($320 billion).

Our achievements to date have resulted above all from our relentless focus on understanding what’s coming next for our customers and providing a powerful, flexible ecosystem to power their success. As the landscape changes and the future unfolds, we’ll stay laser-focused on delivering best-in-class business outcomes — at scale and speed — to our more than 20,000 customers worldwide.

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