Before the ‘WHAT’S NEW IN MARKETING SOFTWARE V11’  webinar, I wanted to give you heads up for what’s coming in this release. V11 has been a very exciting release for IBM Marketing Software (IMS). This is the first release delivered by HCL Products and Platforms. This will be officially announced on 31st of May, however, GDPR toolkits are already available for existing customers.  We are adding more support to the platforms with GSKIT, Sun JDK 1.8, Oracle 12.2 database client, Adobe Acrobat DC in Marketing Operations and Cognos v11.


  1. Use the new Tool/ sample scripts which allow users to delete customers’ personal data from the application system tables so they comply with the new GDPR EU regulations that come into force on 25th May 2018
  2. Reduce the service disruption when upgrading your marketing software suite using the new Fast Upgrade approach, a new installation and migration process will allow you to move from any supported version to version 11 in one step
  1. Understand your Campaign performance with Watson Assistant, use natural language to interact with Watson to discover how your Campaigns are performing.
  2. Access Cloudera data sources using the Impala ODBC Driver version 2.5.40 to improve the performance of working with big data.
  3. Using the latest version of the UBX Toolkit allow users to publish and subscribe to audiences from Campaign making integration with 3rd parties seamless.
  4. Integrate your offers easily with 3rd parties using the new REST APIs, link your offers to the content and send your offers to your email provider.
  5. Customers using WCA for SMS can now use the SMS response a customer sends back to build follow up activity.
  6. When using User Variables in the Extract process they are now copied to the template to reuse them across multiple flowcharts streamlining the build process.
  7. Customers using WCA can now upload a contact list without linking to an email template to more easily update the Cloud data from the Campaign user data.

Customers using WCA for email can now use the Opt-Out and Delivered events for Campaign Performance tracking and follow up activity.

Marketing Operations
1. We have enhanced the Out of Office capability to enable a user to delegate the tasks/approval/requests to another user when he/she is out of office enabling the project  to continue smoothly in their absence
2.  We now display the Project Template Name in Approval Lists allowing customers to sort on approvals based on the same template and approve them together
3. To allow users to manage their own requests we have added a filter to show only requests waiting for my review, this makes it easier for a user to manage their own requests and not see the entire list of requests when someone else is working on it
4.  We now display the due date for recipients on project requests, allowing users to better plan and prioritize their workload
5.  Users can now customize their Dashboard to show the list of saved searches (hiding toolbars and headers), allowing them to reuse them and manage them easily
6.   Users can now see which Campaign projects refer to the offer when viewing the offer detail making it easier to cross-reference to make changes or retire an offer
7.  We have added the requester information into recipient notifications so users can see who the request came from

1.  Categorize your self-learning attributes to pre-defined Auto bins to improve learning on customizable groups of practically continuous attribute values
2.  Discover and validate your segmentation logic and strategic rules with a preview of how targeted audience IDs will be covered using the Coverage Analysis in the Simulator.
3.  Customize your real-time reports using your own Contact Types to mark multiple stages in the life cycle of an offer contact, understand how your customers interact with you in your own way

​Do tune in to the webinar on Tuesday, July 10, 2018
11:00 AM – 11:30 AM EDT

Here is the registration link for the Webinar:
Registration URL:

Claire Timlin
Product Manager IBM Marketing Software
HCL Products & Platforms

Marketing Platform, Campaign, Interact, Marketing Operations, Contact Optimization, and Opportunity Detect are trademarks of IBM Corporation, in at least one jurisdiction, and are used under license.

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