What does it mean to be balancing development flexibility with effective control? When it comes to your software and hardware assets, HCL Flexiem delivers on what those key points are. Here is what this blend includes: 

Scalable deployment for the enterprise

Scale to accommodate small workgroups as well as large, geographically distributed enterprises. Automated repository replication and synchronization.

Dev Flexibility with Integrated IDE extensions 

Open source and third-party integrations, cross platform support, remote access and offline usage. Complete command line interface (CLI).

Protect IP & Secure High-quality Code/Designs

State-of-the-art role-based access control of all assets, including intellectual property (IP). Corporate policies are easily reused and applied to individual projects.

Parallel Development Support

Extensive support for automated branching and merging, asset reuse and activity-based change management.

Secure DevOps or DevSecOps is a process of integration. It integrates a developed security of best practices and methodologies into one deployment for precise execution. Additional capabilities that HCL Flexiem has to succeed in project delivery are:

Version Control

Graphically explore version histories. Easily and quickly reconstruct configurations from yesterday or years ago. Be able to version any file of any size.

Work Quickly and Independently

Have private workspaces to keep changes isolated and public integration areas to collaborate quickly and effectively.

Meet Compliance Requirements

User authentication and extensive audit data meets compliance requirements with no administrative hassle. Automated BOM creation for products. 

Control Development Activity

Customize process by extending any version control operation with custom scripting before or after the operation occurs. 

If you would like to know more information about HCL Flexiem visit our site or contact us directly to know more about Secure DevOps with HCL Flexiem. 















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