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Workload Automation (WA) simplifies and accelerates application delivery.

It automates and orchestrates application workflows across hybrid environments to satisfy SLAs and improve efficiency and productivity.

The top 7 reasons for replacing your scheduling solution with Workload Automation

  1. Manages hybrid workflows from a single point of control.
  2. Provides a very easy infrastructure to build complex workflows with more than 35 out-of-the-box integrations.
  3. It’s highly scalable. It handles millions of transactions in a day.
  4. Automates every step between writing code and deploying applications to customers.
  5. Runs end-to-end workflows across multi-platform environments and containers.
  6. Offers a comprehensive catalog of REST API, which allow a flexible integration with a variety of applications .
  7. Enables DevOps collaboration with Zowe, on the zOS platform.

Replacing your automation solution with Workload Automation is easy and secure.

Take advantage of HCL Center of Excellence in migrations from competition to HWA.

The expertise and experience of HCL migration specialists speed up the time to transition and realize a ROI faster.

What customers think of HCL WA migration projects

  • Accelerated migration with zero business impact and minimal downtime.
  • Assurance that the workflow behaves as expected and that the same conditions of the legacy solution are respected within Workload Automation.
  • Complete control of the migration project on the customer side: after each step, the flexibility to go back to the previous condition to find the best alternative option and detailed plan for the critical cutover period to the new Workload Automation solution.
  • Identification of new Workload Automation capabilities that increase performance, reliability, serviceability, and scalability.

Major competitor solutions for scheduling and automation are covered with a tool that automates the migration minimizing manual intervention.

Manual intervention is required to assess specific customer requests about specific customizations made for the original scheduling solution.

workload automation

The HCL WA migration team automates this process with a migration tool, and accompanies you through the transition, every step of the way, with a proven 4-step methodology:

  1. Workload assessment: Definition of the migration project details and pre-requisites of the new architecture infrastructure.
  2. Infrastructure deployment: Installation of the Workload Automation infrastructure and an initial education session to enable the customer to review and validate the migrated of data.
  3. Data migration: Scheduling object definitions are migrated, and the converted data is sent to the customer in subsets of scheduling definitions for validation.
  4. Go-live and enablement: When all of the data have been migrated and approved by the customer, the legacy solution is dismissed and replaced with Workload Automation.  Some additional sessions are provided that perform a deep dive into specific product configurations and to satisfy additional customer requirements.

path to workload automation

Your Take Away

HCL Center of Excellence in migrations offers high level of support and response during the transition phase, allowing accelerated migration with zero business impact and minimal downtime.

Migration project is designed to advantage Customer to reduce infrastructure and operational costs.

Are you ready to move to a solution recognized as leader in Workload Automation? Learn about our solution here.

And if you want to start with a migration consultancy contact us at HWAInfo@hcl.com or find out more about our Services here.

Author’s Bio:

Riccardo Belloni, WA Service team


Senior Workload Automation Consultant at HCL Technologies. Riccardo is part of the HCL Workload Automation services team. He is a Workload Automation expert who provides technical support to the customer to manage and create the desired solutions. Develops and provides technical education. His ability to change on various IT aspects was based on +8 years of IT work and consulting. He loves freediving and spearfishing, these passions took him, since 2014, to become a freediving instructor.


Giacomo del Vecchio, WA Service team

giacomo del vechhio

Giacomo joined HCL in 2017 as a Software Engineer in the Workload automation Level 3 Support team, where he supported customers and worked on product’s fixpacks . He then moved to the Workload Automation Services team, where he helps customers in setting up Workload Automation solutions, integrations with other products and architecture designs for new implementations/upgrades. He’s a travel lover, really passionate about technology and programming, especially for what concerns topics like cloud computing, Linux and Python.

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