We are starting a new mini-blog series, and we will bring to you useful tips and tricks shared by the HCL Informix development and Technical Support engineers. Whether you are an HCL Informix power user and seasoned veteran, or a novice user getting started with HCL Informix, you have a chance learn something new that help you in your HCL Informix related tasks. It may be a new way to utilize an HCL Informix tool that you already use, or a new option recently added to an HCL Informix utility, or a new feature or product enhancement recently released, or some troubleshooting and diagnostic tips. Our goal is to keep these posts short (average reading time of less than 3 minutes) and useful. This series will also give you, our users, yet another way to connect directly with the HCL Informix lab to share their expertise as well as learn more about the HCL Informix product. Click here to get the full story!

Co-authored by Jeff McMahon
Senior Software Engineer, HCL Informix
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