Successful digital transformation requires quality tools and secure systems, but it also needs the right culture. What human skills do business leaders find most valuable in operations? Which functional skills are growing in importance in development? What job titles are on the rise? The Upskilling 2020: Enterprise DevOps Skills Report answers these questions and more through research conducted by the DevOps Institute and sponsored by HCL Software DevOps. You can download your free copy of the report here.

The Upskilling 2020 report explores the state of DevOps and human transformation, as well as the core skills required for successful DevOps adoption. This report reveals the emerging themes among IT professionals in the midst of digital transformation, including the difficulties of carrying out DevOps transformations and hiring the right humans. It also shares specific skills that are most needed among DevOps humans and examines the progress and importance of upskilling at the enterprise. The 2020 report offers insights from both a global and regional perspective.

As leaders in the DevOps space, it was important for HCL Software DevOps to support this research. The findings in the report will help us tailor our software solutions to the industry’s needs, and will influence our own internal DevOps strategy.

Some stand-out findings of the report include:

  • 38% of those surveyed said their organization does not have a formal upskilling program
  • Respondents ranked collaboration and cooperation as the most important human skills
  • Respondents ranked IT operations knowledge, infrastructure knowledge, and security practices as most important functional skills
  • The c-suite and management levels disagree on the importance of business skills

Get in-depth research on the state of enterprise DevOps skills by downloading your free copy of the report here.

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