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​The new HCL TechConnect week is here. For those who are new to our events, here is a quick look at what you may have missed out…

What we captured in last TechConnect and what can you learn in the upcoming sessions? ​​

Back in February, on the first Monday of IBM Think 2019, a group of 35 Marketing Software users gathered for the 1st  HCL TechConnect kick-starting the engagement with our product experts and marketing peers, for what we envision, will become the platform of choice for partners and customers.

This first session was a huge success with industry leaders from Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Retail and other verticals sharing their feedback on our marketing suite (Campaign, Interact, Marketing Operation, Contact Optimization and all the add-ons). With this feedback, we formally started the ideation process with a new design thinking approach. We decided this would be the baseline for our road-map and the next release of the Marketing software suite.

It is beginning to feel like Unica again but much better and more transparent”.

We wanted to establish that our vision at HCL is to engage Marketing Software users early on in our road-map design cycle to ensure the products and features we deliver have more relevance to their marketing needs. This aspect of our hyper care strategy is already producing great results. Our support team has reached a satisfaction score of 9/10 in addressing your requests. Moreover, the last V.11.1 release covered more than 50 of your requests for enhancements; making it the largest release since Unica was acquired by IBM.

​Therefore, it was heartening to see that so many of you appreciate that transparency has been restored and you can openly raise requests in our community. We want to hear and respond to the conversations our users are having on social media, other channels and in the HCL community. This will help HCL to zero in on your priorities and understand your marketing goals & challenges. ​

We are not struggling with performance or configuration issues anymore”

Addressing the challenges of modern marketers

The global market is moving towards creating more engaging in personalized customer experiences. Would you like to know how connecting real-time channels with Unica Interact can help you achieve hyper-personalization for improved customer engagement? Are you aware that Interact v11.1 and the ‘Event Pattern detection capability’ can be leveraged to define a real-time strategy that delivers WOW moments for memorable customer experiences?

Our polls revealed what most marketers are looking for from Interact.


We discovered that the ‘Learning’ model in Interact was a key area where users are seeking a simplified and intuitive UI. Tell us in the comment section ‘What UX feature or simplification we should introduce, that would automatically increase adoption of Interact and get you more value? We believe this would make a very insightful and deeply engaging discussion.

User Interface Enhancements in Campaign and Interact

We were pleasantly surprised to see many of you excited about being involved in giving feedback on our new interfaces. Additionally, many of you have suggested some UI enhancements for Campaign which is one of the 7 focus areas for the next release.

Enhancements you would  like to contribute to

The other 6 focus areas will be shared during these TechConnect sessions and we are looking forward to meeting more Unica users when we visit your city.

Offer Management and Communications

During most of our conversations on usability improvement, we frequently discovered that focus shifted towards Offer Management and what it meant for the client’s specific industry and their marketing goals.

We discovered in the UI section of the survey that, amongst the top 3 usability improvements people wanted to hear about, offer management was a top priority.

 Unica as a Central Decision Making Tool

As some of you framed it: The marketers of 2019 want to analyze audiences in a holistic fashion that combine inbound with outbound channels. This poses the question: Can we create a centralized view of offer management across the whole marketing software suite and beyond? These are some of the topics that we will be covering in TechConnect. We are already working on multiple requests related to the consolidation of offer organization and management.  ​This would also enable you to use Unica as a tool central to decision making for marketing.

‘Director’ the new resource monitoring tool to manage your environments

We collected a lot of valuable feedback at the last TechConnect during the demo of the new monitoring tool Director.  This is now part of the Marketing Software and freely available in V11.1. Users, who did not have an application performance management solution like Director, said that this new tool was a game-changer allowing them to investigate and monitor the marketing software more easily., The Director module is helping users track the status of their campaign and how they are performing in an Enterprise Environment running multiple campaigns. At the end of the session, many of our users asked for more in terms of resource monitoring and how-to set-up alerts, etc. We hope to collect more feedback on how to make the Director module a smarter log and environment monitoring solution.

Additionally, many Partners asked us what type of APIs the Director would connect with, that could extend the capability to other systems. One of the use cases frequently mentioned was the ability to retrieve logs to automate ticketing creation allowing Unica Administrators and Users to connect it with a support system like ServiceNow, Jira, and others. We are looking forward to discovering more use cases you may have in the upcoming TechConnect.

Out of the box Analytics and Reports: Has a solid alternative to Cognos arrived?

Apart from successfully running campaigns, being able to capture campaign responses, attribute results across multiple campaigns and then report it an in an easy to understand format is a core strength of any marketing automation tool. Many of our attendees provided a great deal of specific feedback around this. Most of the clients want ‘Simpler Response tracking’ within the tools and reports.
​This brings us neatly to the discussion on simplified, built-in, out of the box reports.

Some of our clients are looking for daily reporting to be a part of Campaign performance and Offer performance. The idea here is not to replace customer’s existing BI or analytics solutions, but to give better, in the product, day to day performance reporting.


Similarly, for Interact, we discovered that most of our users want ‘Overtime reports’ by channel including model learning performance, interactive offer learning and interactive offer performance in the upcoming out of the box reports.

Towards better data compliance

Many clients feel that it is time to refocus attention on customers and customer data due to growing regulatory constraints. It would be great to discuss how a solution like Unica can bring value to the central focus of your “below the line” targeted marketing efforts.

As you can see, there is a lot more emphasis on your requirements and marketing goals. Being at this TechConnect would mean you get to –  ​

  1. Learn more about HCL and the recently announced software acquisition and what it means to you and the customers and the industry
  2. Be a direct influencer and find out ways to engage with product leadership to drive the future product roadmap
  3. Play a vital role in the advancement of the products and develop innovative solutions for better business outcomes
  4. Find out how other industry peers are deriving benefits by customizing and integrating the solutions
  5. Gain first-hand deep insights about the new features in the Marketing Software v11.x ​

So, come join us in your city and connect with fellow marketers during these TechConnect weeks.

If you have questions, please reach out to one of our team members below. To register or book your seat, CLICK HERE.


About Idir Hillali – Intrapreneur with a CMO background in B2B Marketing & Analytics, Idir is passionate about digital transformation, and leading Marketing Innovation for HCL driving customer engagement and helping influence the roadmap with extended omnichannel features that enhance the customer experience. He is the go-to person for tech & marketing questions helping users with their omnichannel use cases. With a solid understanding of the Martech competitive landscape, he brings an innovative CX twist to your Inbound and outbound digital marketing projects.
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