People like receiving text messages from their favorite brands whenever they run discounts or sales. According to a study, more than 6,000 consumers, 85%, wanted to get text messages from brands. Therefore, SMS marketing, also called text marketing, is one of the marketers’ favorite kinds of marketing. This is the most convenient way of approaching our target audience as a large number of the audience receives these text messages. Moreover, the SMS marketing strategy is suitable because texts are received on mobile phones, which are always the people in their hands.

SMS marketing strategy is the process of sending information through text messages. SMS marketing text sounds like this “Last day of the sale! Come and grab your favorites.

So, SMS marketing is a tool to share offers, discounts, and other brand-related information with the current customers whose numbers are registered to your brands. When you write someone’s number on your brand site, you get access to send text messages. For example, you might have seen in a shopping store that while billing them for your mobile number, they register it, keep sending you discounts, and offer text messages through various automated marketing platforms.

Following are some of the SMS Marketing strategies you can implement for sending texts messages for your brand marketing:

Discounts and sale text campaigns – Who does not love discounts and offers whenever a sale occurs? Shopaholic people are waiting for the notifications of the sale desperately. So, discounts and sale campaigns are the best ways to attract your target audience by sending them text messages about sales and discounts. Automate your marketing process with the help of Unica, the best marketing software that helps personalize messages and automation.

Personalize your SMS marketing campaigns. Personalization always makes them feel unique. So, make your texts user-friendly by customizing them by mentioning their names. This will enhance the sense of attachment with the brand as they feel someone is personally approaching them. With the HCL Unica, an automation tool, you can automate all these processes to maintain good relationships with your customers.

Send on perfect time- Timing is the most important thing to consider. Sending any SMS is to such an extent that the recipients open their messages in a split second after getting them. Like, when your client is looking to arrange food at noon and receives a notification with a 40% discount, they will open your SMS immediately, leaving them with an improved experience.

Keep your message short and compact with a Clear CTA – When conveying through talk, short your messages to 200 characters. For instance, a lengthy sentence and call to action for an inquiry work perfectly. However, any campaign without a clear Call To Action falls flat in any market. Therefore, your messages should incorporate a clear CTA to provoke the recipient to take the next step, particularly regarding SMS marketing.

Ask for the Consent First – There is no doubt that the most critical phase in any text messaging marketing is to ask for consent. First, organizations must observe the particular message rules and send a message inviting users to their SMS program. Then, users need to respond and pick in to receive the texts.

There are a couple of approaches for getting consent from your supporters. One of the most straightforward techniques includes terms like ‘Start’ to buy in and ‘STOP’ to unsubscribe. This provides your client with a specific feeling of protection and security.

Back-in-stock notifications– It is another relationship-maintaining technique for sending back-in-stock messages. They could have hampered in-stock notifications. Instead, using the chance to send instant messages when the thing they are after is back in stock. This expands the possibilities of the item purchase and creates trust inside you.

Customer support through SMS – Don’t only sell to customers but also look after their purchases by providing customer service through text notifications. It turns out to be a more significant amount of a close channel to give a human side to the brand. Like, they are Reassuring the client about their delayed deliveries or in the event of payment failures. SMS can be used to build strong relationships with your clients.

Assure with Reminders and Confirmation – Some messages are too valuable to ignore when sent through the mail and cannot be missed — for example, a confirmation of their Doctor’s appointment or a reminder to attend a meeting. Customers report SMS as the most convenient way to stay in touch with service providers and businesses.


Beginning with an SMS Marketing strategy is simple. Sort out First, sort your message and why, inquire whether you can send them messages, and find an SMS marketing agency.

Then, at that point, begin sending messages out to your consumers. But, again, keep them short and crisp, and don’t linger too long by appearing on individuals’ mobile phones daily.

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