We are pleased to announce our new product, HCL Flexiem. Derived from IBM’s Rational ClearCase, HCL Flexiem is being rejuvenated to rekindle and raise developer productivity. ​

The key advantage for HCL Flexiem has always been its Dynamic Views, and all the benefits that result from their use. With the Multi-Version File System, engineers do not have to wait for any downloads from the repository to the local workspace, or the creation of any fragile links to avoid downloads. The files appear instantaneously in your dynamic view as a result of sophisticated paging and caching that make it appear is as if the files are in your local disk and are usable by any tools that work with the filesystem. This functionality is also provided for remote users in the form of Automatic Views. ​ 

When it comes to Dynamic Views, instantaneous loading isn’t the end of it. With our supported make tools, Flexiem can determine whether or not objects need to be rebuilt because each derived object has an automatically generated bill of materials that catalogues all of the file versions that contributed to the build, and all of the tool versions used, such that we can determine if any dependencies have changed and avoid builds as necessary, sharing the derived objects between users as necessary.

In addition, for organizations that require strict auditing and compliance with regulatory bodies, HCL Flexiem automatically tracks all the information necessary for compliance. 

HCL Flexiem balances flexibility with an organization’s need for control. The product provides controlled access to soft assets, including code, requirements, design documents, model, schematics, test plans and test results. User authentication and authoritative audit trails help your organization meet compliance requirements with minimal administrative hassle. Parallel development support, automated workspace management and baseline management enables you to create applications even more rapidly. By being able to gain access virtually anywhere and anytime, HCL Flexiem gives you the freedom to work efficiently when you need it. 

Visit HCL Software for more information about HCL Flexiem.
Howie Bernstein
Product Manager, HCL Software Flexiem and Traxiem
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