Workflows are key to streamlining key processes and repeatable tasks — which help keeping companies up and running efficiently — and minimizing the chance of errors. They also give insight into what is happening within your business, who is involved, and how effectively your organization can meet deadlines or customer needs. Low-code HCL Domino Volt helps citizen developers — the ones often closest to the business opportunities or challenges — create solutions through workflows — in minutes.

Our latest release has a new visual designer to help make it easier than ever for these citizen developers and business users to create workflows in their apps.

For existing customers, Domino Volt 1.0.5 is now available on HCL’s license and download portal.

For newbies, read our “Workflow 101,” below, to better understand what they are and why they are so important.

For everyone, please join our webinar on February 23 to learn more about Domino Volt’s latest release features and see useful demos.

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What Is It? A Workflow Primer.

A workflow is a series of tasks, set in a specific sequence, that process a set of data. Whenever data is passed between systems or team members, a workflow is created. These kinds of workflows are what every organization has in place for a wide variety of tasks, processes, or functions. If you needed a simple application to manage budget approvals, for example, the approval process might look something like this:

Employee submits budget request >> Reporting manager approves >> Finance department approves (or rejects and sends back for more information)

A workflow within an application can automate the required routing steps between stages. For example, sending a notification to the reporting manager when an employee submits a request. Or, automating the next steps when a budget is approved or denied.

Workflows can be easily managed through a visual designer with drag and drop features

Why Is Workflow So Important?

Many processes, such as the expense example above, in many organizations, have often traditionally or historically been handled on paper, in spreadsheets or via a series of emails. Having a centralized application with embedded and automated workflows helps: 

  • Streamline processes  
  • Reduce errors  
  • Minimize delays and reduce processing time  
  • Improve compliance and providing visibility  
  • Improve overall internal efficiencies

How Domino Volt Can Help

Domino Volt puts power into the hands of citizen developers and business users. This low-code tool sits on top of HCL Domino and is a powerful, easy-to-use solution for building powerful, secure applications. Our intuitive visual designer makes it easy to build apps — with no required or specialized IT skills. With this latest release of the workflow visual designer, the creation of workflow stages, task assignments, notifications and setting roles and privileges is drastically simplified.

Sign up for this upcoming webinar to see how you can take advantage of this capability and give your teams an edge with process efficiency, cost reduction, and improved accountability. We also offer a web-based sandbox (no installation required!) to try Domino Volt for free. Sign up today!

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