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On December 4, when we announced HCL’s first significant releases for Domino, Notes, Sametime, and Connections, we broadcasted live from Tokyo. Thousands of customers and partners tuned in from all over the world, and more than 50 business partners held concurrent viewing parties to celebrate in more than 20 countries. We had almost 4 million impressions on social media. We answered hundreds of questions in real-time, but there were so many we couldn’t get to them all. Here, are your smart questions and our useful answers about what this launch means for these products, and you.  

You can replay all content from the Live from Tokyo event here.


Q: The mobile app in HCL Nomad is only for lotus notes app, right? No Xpages

A: Correct, HCL Nomad runs existing Notes apps both online and offline, unchanged. There are no plans to support Xpages-built apps.

Q: Cloudevents support is amazing!

A: We think so too! Here are additional video content on Domino Event Publisher and Cloudevents available.

Q: No mention of Xpages and yet I understand you have announced the intention to not only support but “invest”? Do you have anything to add here, please?

A: Beyond supporting customers using Xpages, we did announce that we would make targeted investments. Primarily to specific library versions. Details to follow in 2020.

Q: Does the Domino Event Publisher mean that there will be a new version of App Dev Pack for version 11?

Yes, there is an AppDev Pack version 1.0.3 coming out at the end of 2019. Besides the preview version of the Domino Event Publisher, it contains fixes to existing functionality. Also, DQL witnessed some significant updates.


Q: When will Notes/Domino 11 be released?

A: Domino, Sametime and Notes will be delivered on December 20. Nomad for Android is available; Nomad for iOS will be available on or before December 23.


Q: Which version of Traveler and Sametime is compatible with Domino V11?

A: There are V11 versions of Domino, Sametime and Traveler available on December 20, 2019.

Q: Is a direct upgrade from version 8.5.3 to version 11 possible too?

A: Yes.


Q: Will Orient Me still be packaged with the Component Pack?

A: Yes, Orient Me will be packaged with the Component Pack.

Q: Will Connections 6.5 be deployed to Connections Cloud as well?

A: As cloud customers move off the legacy Connections Cloud environment to our cloud hosting providers, customers will have the latest and greatest versions of Connections capabilities, including Connections 6.5.

Q: Are there any short learning videos about Connections available?

A: We have these live on our HCL Digital Solutions YouTube channel! Check it out. And it’s available to be translated in anyone’s local language.

Q: Does Smarsh Connected Capture have a new release for HCL Connections 6.5

A: Existing Smarsh versions are compatible with Connections 6.5.

Q: Is Sidebar easily customizable?

A: Sidebar is customizable via Connections Customizer. We will work on an extensions model via the Application Registry the same way we already offer Client Extension models in Orient Me and the Important to Me bar. See our Connections YouTube channel.

Q: Is there an integration between Connections Activities and Notes to Dos and other to-do apps?

A: It’s a great idea. However, it’s not available in Notes v11, or Connections 6.5. Please submit your idea to our ideas portal.

Q: Is Sidebar based on the component pack or WebSphere?

A: Sidebar is available in the core Connections (aka WebSphere) stack.

Q: Will a newly invited external member run through the onboarding wizard?

A: Every user will run through the onboarding wizard Touchpoint the first time they use Connections. The onboarding wizard can also be customized to be rerun or require the acceptance of certain usage terms

Q: Will, the Social Sidebar, be available in Notes?

A: No, the Social Sidebar runs in a browser, not in Notes.

Q: Will feature “Invite a new external user to the community” or “share file with external ” available?

A: As in previous versions of Connections, Connections 6.5 allows you to include external users in your Communities and share files with external users

Q: Where is a user registered (to which directory) once registered using Invite feature of HC6.5

A: They will be registered to the directory dedicated to external users (a separate directory has to be specified to support external users).

Q: Activities Plus / Kudos Boards: Is the number of users who can use activities plus & boards limited?

A: Activities Plus is available to all Connections users at no charge, and licenses for the desired number of users for full Kudos Boards capabilities can be purchased.

Q: Connections team need to follow Sametime in removing WAS and DB2 within a year (preferably in version 7).

A: Thank you for the feedback. Connections already run on Oracle or SQL Server databases, and we will have more to share on the Connections architecture over the coming year.

Q: When can we have access to the new HCL Connections?

A: HCL Connections 6.5 has been released already and is available for download on Flexnet. December 20th is for Domino, Notes, and Sametime; Nomad the 23rd.


Q: When will Enterprise Integrator be available for v11?

A: HCL Enterprise Integrator will be available for both v10 and v11. It is scheduled for Q1-2020. The communication about the exact timing to be done soon.

Q: Will there be a direct update path from Domino 9 to Domino 11?

A: Domino enables you to upgrade directly from v9 to v11.


Q: As promised, V11 to launch with all languages but when will you release Group 2 languages for v10 including Russian?

A: There will be another communication with the specific details of additional language pack support for both v10.0.1 and v11.

Q: When will Domino/Notes v11 French version be available?

A: HCL plans to make the language pack available for French with the rest of the Wave 1 languages in 1H-2020. Stay tuned for communication on the exact date.


Q: Is there any alternative to ILMT to track and record the license usage?

A: Customers can elect to move to the Per User Metric model provided in V11 of Domino and Sametime. You will need to use either ILMT or BigFix to track PUVs.

Q: Will there be a Community Edition for domino and other products?

A: HCL is replacing the Community Edition with access to a Domino and Sametime trial license. The exact details will be available in the coming weeks.

Q: Using V11 licensing, if a customer has 500 users and want to has multiple Domino servers, how many user licenses do they need to purchase?

A: The new licensing model charges for the number of users irrespective of the number of Domino servers.

Q: Will there be changes regarding supporting programs in the future? A lot of the products had other IBM products included as supporting programs.

A: Details of the entitlements and supporting programs will be available when Domino, Notes and Sametime ships.

Q: Will we find out about licensing options for Domino?

A: There will be a License Primer available in January to all customers, HCL Masters and Business Partners.

Q: How will the Utility server license be replaced? Surely that doesn’t work with a per user basis.

A: In the initial release of v11, there is no replacement server-based such as Domino Server or Xworks available. HCL plans to have an alternative solution in 2020.


Q: How many participants were there in the live broadcast?

A: Thousands and thousands, plus more than 50 business partner led viewing partners in over 40 countries!

Q: Are there any newsletters for partners for regular updates and happening around HCL Domino?

A: https://hcltech.us16.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=419b4a12dde6496d7c469ec62&id=7769b7e1a3

Q: Where can we see the deep-dive content?

A: Please visit our YouTube channel for all the latest video content from launch.


Q: Where can I ask general questions about browser support for conventional Domino applications?

A: As part of v12, HCL Nomad is extended to run Notes apps natively on a browser. This means you don’t need the Notes client or ICAA installed. Stay tuned for more information.

Q: Is there a long-term plan for HCAA? (e.g. will it be in v12)

A: HCL will continue to develop and enhance HCL Notes, and augment support for running apps using HCL Nomad. In v12, when HCL Nomad will be able to run Notes Apps in a browser, we expect customers to switch to this new approach immediately. However, HCAA will be available in v12.


Q: Is Notes 11 compatible with Domino 9.0.1?

A: Yes, Notes applications and custom templates will work in the v11 client. However, the embedded experience was removed in v10.


Q: Is Panagenda Upgrade FREE for v11 included in the entitlements?

A: No, Notes includes MarvelClient Essentials code. Upgrades to a full license of MarvelClient is available from panagenda themselves. However, you can use the MarvelClient Essential to help your upgrade of the Notes client from v9 to v11.

Q: Panopta integration is awesome.

A: Thank you. They are an excellent partner and solution. To learn more about the Domino and Panopta integration, there is additional content available here.


Q: Will Domino 11 support for IBM iservers?

A: Yes, Domino v11 is coming to IBM i. It will follow after the initial shipment of December 20 by the end of Q1-2020.


Q: Are there sales contact here locally in the USA? I’m having difficulties dealing with the service overseas.

A: Please reach out to Shannon Batson Shuburte, Head of Sales for North America, HCL Digital Solutions.

Q: I would like to have a local contact here in the USA to discuss HCLSoftware and our migration from IBM

A: Please reach out to Shannon Batson Shuburte, Head of Sales for North America, HCL Digital Solutions.

Q: How do I find an HCL Business Partner here in the USA?

A: Please visit our HCL Partner Connect webpage here.


Q: When will it be possible to integrate Sametime Meetings and Sametime A/V in Connections (as we had in Connections 4.5)? Just click to video conference?

A: We are working with the Connections team to identify a roadmap in 2020 once the new Sametime Meetings capability is available. Stay tuned.

Q: When will Sametime v11 have online meeting and screen sharing?

A: The new Sametime embedded Audio/Video and Meetings capability will be available mid-2020.

Q: Sametime on Linux will include Web Conferencing?

A: Yes, we’ll have both Windows and Linux releases of Sametime v11 Meetings next year in mid-2020.

Q: Will there be a review of the old IBM Project Toscana? Persistent Chat and Interfaces to different Notes / Domino products, etc.?

A: Sametime v11 supports persistent chat including with groups, and when we integrate with Connections in 2020, we will have team/channel chat. We’re also enhancing our SDKs and integration with other products, both HCL and third party.


Q: Any word for End of Life of version 9?

A: HCL Digital Solution has honored the IBM Support Lifecycle for Notes, Domino and Sametime. Hence, there is no change to the previously announced extended support of Notes, Domino and Sametime 9.0.X date of September 2021.


Q: What training be available for Domino administrators and developers?

A: Outside of updated product documentation, insight about how to use the new capabilities are being developed by HCL Masters, Business Partners, and the community.


Q: Will Domino Volt be available for customers with Messaging license as well?

A: Yes, Domino Volt will be available as an Add-on for customers with both Complete Collaboration and Messaging Licenses.

Q: Domino Volt is what was known as LEAP on Domino?

A: Domino Volt was the project formally named Sandstone. It is based on LEAP and combines HCL’s best low-code and application development platform capabilities into a single offering.

Q: Does HCL Volt cost extra?

A: The pricing model for Domino Volt will be available when the offering is available in 1H-2020.

Q: Do HCL Masters have access to Volt today? How do I get it?

A: Domino Volt will be in closed beta by early 2020 for the HCL Masters, and HCL will be emailing them very soon.

Q: I’m confused. What’s the difference between Volt and LEAP?

A: Domino Volt is based on Leap and combines HCL’s best low-code and application development platform capabilities into a single offering. HCL LEAP is a standalone product that runs on WebSphere and DB2.

Q: Is HCL Domino Volt a replacement of Notes workflow?

A: Domino Volt is a superb platform for building new applications with a simple workflow. However, in our roadmap for v12, we intend to add a graphical workflow experience to the Domino platform. We will be looking at the functionality of Lotus Workflow as one use case.

Q: We have been told multiple times that LEAP on domino will be entitled within the domino license. Has that changed?

A: As you know, any forward-looking statements about any roadmap are subject to change. While the pricing of HCL Domino Volt will be released with the product in 1HG-2020, it will be very competitively priced, i.e., incremental to the cost of Domino.

Q: Is there any training material available for Volt?

A: Training and other reference materials will be made available when the product is released.

Q: Can you use Volt to update the interface for an existing legacy Domino database?

A: Domino Volt is for creating new applications. These could be new applications that integrate existing Domino data. However, Volt is not designed for updating or modernizing existing Domino applications

Q: Will Volt eventually replace Designer?

A: While they share the same Domino application platform, Designer is for the professional mid-code developer that build traditional Notes apps; Volt for the IT and Business Professional.

Q: Is there an upgrade path from LEAP to Volt? Will LEAP continue to get enhancements?

A: While there are no announced plans, we expect there will be an upgrade path from HCL LEAP to HCL Domino Volt in the future. In the meantime, HCL LEAP will continue to be enhanced.

Q: What about the Domino Volt license model?

A: While the details will be announced in the 1H-2020 when the offering is available, the license model is based on a per-user metric. We want to encourage customers to build applications, so there is no per App or Flow metric, unlike some low-code competitors.

Q: Any ERP integration? Or Connectors for MuleSoft?

A: HCL Domino Volt supports access to SharePoint and any REST or SOAP-based APIs, including those from SAP. However, we plan to add support for other integration solutions such as Dell Boomi and Mulesoft.

Q: Are Volt apps browser only? Can you get to it in Notes?

A: Correct, they are web-based apps. However, we will be working to enable them to work within HCL Nomad. There are no plans to add support for the Notes client.

Q: How can we register for the beta of Domino Volt?

A: There will be both a closed and open beta of Domino Volt. The closed beta will be open to HCL Masters only by the end of 2020. Details about the Open Beta will follow.

Q: Is Volt a direct competitor to one of the low code leaders, Outsystems, for example?

A: Yes, HCL Domino Volt is a low-code application platform. With this solution, existing customers will not need to make a major investment in a separate platform for their development needs for situational apps, workflows and core systems such as Outsystems.

Q: Is what being announced available right now (i.e., Domino Volt)?

A: Domino Volt will be in closed beta by EOY for the HCL Masters, and available for Domino v10 and v11 in H1-2020.

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