It’s incredible to think that it’s been about a year since we started the successful Domino V10 beta program. We’ve made so much progress, and now we need your help to keep the momentum going.
We are excited to announce the HCL Domino V11 portfolio beta program, and call on our community to share honest, constructive and thoughtful review and testing of the Domino V11 portfolio beta software.
The beta program will include HCL Domino V11, HCL Notes V11, and HCL Sametime V11. Your input is essential to how we develop our products — and we want to make sure we listen to you and involve you before we make this release generally available at the end of 2019.

We’re seeking people who meet the following criteria:    

  • A business end-user, administrator, or developer who has prior knowledge of Domino, Notes, Sametime and Designer
  • Those who bring diverse (role/industry/geography/company size) attributes to the beta team so we can ensure we get a balanced blend of input perspectives

HCL is looking for participants to:

  • Share their use case for the beta in their company
  • Engage in a dialog about Domino V11 and provide timely feedback
  • Be constructive and professional in all written/spoken interaction with program members, and HCL
  • Attend the web conferences and meetings pertaining to the beta program
  • Experience the beta in a non-production environment
  • Provide feedback on your application server upgrade experience
  • Review and comment on documentation
  • Help us streamline your Flexnet setup process
  • Be open to the idea of becoming a reference for Domino V11 or Sametime V11

The beta program will be in two phases: 

Beta 1: We will form an initial group of beta participants, based on the submissions received and then qualify and approve for beta program enrollment. Beta 1 will begin on September 4th, 2019. 

What you can test in beta 1:

  • Domino (Window and Linux)
  • Notes client (Windows and Mac)
  • Notes, Designer & Admin clients (Windows)
  • Sametime multilingual embedded client

This beta is English-only. 

Beta 2: We will extend the initial group of beta 1 participants as we get further along in the development cycle for Domino V11, by including additional participants at the Beta 2 stage. We expect the beta 2 phase to begin the second half of October 2019.  Submissions received up to October 7th, for those not included in the Beta 1 group, will be considered for inclusion in the beta 2 phase. 

 What you can expect to test in beta 2:

  • Domino (Windows, AIX, i Series, and Linux)
  • Notes client (Windows and Mac)
  • Notes, Designer & Admin clients (Windows)
  • Traveler
  • Sametime

Additional languages TBD.

To learn what’s new in Domino V11, please listen to the recent What’s New in Domino V11 webcast.

Note: No travel is required. 

Important: To participate in the HCL Domino V11 portfolio beta register here.
Thank you for your participation and your passion for the portfolio.
The Domino V11 Beta team

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