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An Admin’s Dream
How often does something come along that is a turnkey solution, easy for you to implement, that your customers will love?  Introducing Nomad for web version 1.0.5. No longer do you have to configure a complicated SafeLinx Nomad Proxy server. This release introduces the Nomad Server, a Domino Server add-in. It’s Domino running the Nomad add-in just like Traveler.  With this solution, your consumers hit the URL and are automatically running “Notes in a browser,” which is what Nomad enables.

Never Upgrade Another Notes Client Again
Another bonus? No client workstations to manage that require installations and upgrades. Put the client on the Nomad server once, and all the clients are upgraded automatically since it’s just running in a browser window tab. That’s the beauty of Nomad.  Don’t want to run it in a browser? No problem, grab your favorite mobile tablet or phone and hit the app store to download HCL Nomad or push out via your Mobile Device Manager (MDM) application.

Restyle Automatically Makes Your Notes Applications Stylish
Many Notes applications were developed decades ago, and the original designers are sipping champagne in St. Tropez enjoying their retirement. Well, move over, there’s a new model on the catwalk, no designer necessary. Find your dusty application, choose Restyle from the Nomad file menu in your browser, and in seconds your application will be sporting the latest in haute couture. A modern and flat look and feel.

Can we do something better or different?
Don’t forget that we listen to you and change things up when we can. You can tell us through our Aha! Ideas portal that you have a great idea that we could put into Nomad or Restyle. Come tell us what to focus on next. You can also search for ideas and upvote them to tell us you also think it’s a good idea. We look forward to hearing what you want su to do next.

Start using Nomad today!
Simply download Nomad 1.0.5 from the HCLSoftware license and downloads portal and get going today. OR if you don’t have the admin rights or skills and you want to try your app in Nomad then why not head over to the HCL Sandbox and and have a play with it now. You can create a new app from your template and make sure it works in Nomad and how about trying it in Restyle to see how it will look in those new clothes? Go on! We know you’re dying to find out.

Upgrade your Nomad experience now with our latest release and experience all the benefits Nomad has to offer. Want to learn more about Nomad capabilities? Click here for more info.

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