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HCL Verse On-Premises (Verse)’s superior user experience means there’s less clutter and more clarity while using mail to get your work done faster. Designed for browser-based mail on both desktop and mobile devices, Verse gives you everything you need.

HCLSoftware is pleased to announce the release of HCL Verse On-Premises 1.0.9 for general availability. Verse 1.0.9 highlights include:

  • New logo and color scheme: Verse now sports its HCL Digital Solutions logo and improved color scheme
  • See the Verse version you are using: Now it lets you see your current Verse version so you can make sure you’re using the latest and greatest Verse user experience with the widest set of features.
  • Change your internet password easily: Quick access action leads you to the change password setting
  • Double click an event in the calendar bar to open it: More streamlined than ever, the Verse calendar bar now provides super-quick access to meeting information
  • Improvements for 24+ hour meetings: Meetings that you’re invited to that span 24 hours or more are now shown at the top of your calendar, above the individual time slots. In addition, you can now create 24-hour meetings if you are using the calendar event design preview.
  • Use a QR code to join online meetings: Great for joining meetings quickly with a QR scanner
  • Drag and drop to change a meeting attendee’s role: Change someone’s meeting role (required, optional, FYI) with simple drag and drop
  • Administrators can enable relative archive mail path URLs

Administrators can use the notes.ini setting iNotes_WA_UseRelativeUrl=1 to enable archive mail file URLs to be relative to the Domino server being used.

HCL Verse User and Admin documentation can be found here.

HCL Verse Developer site can be found here.

If you have requests for new features, please submit them in the VOP category on the Domino Ideas Portal.

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