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Fresh out of the oven, Nomad for Web Browsers 1.0.7 has been released as of March 8, 2023. Nomad for Android (March 1) and iOS (March 8) are also out.

You aren’t a graphic designer? Give your Domino Application a new icon with Restyle!

Does your application icon reflect a throwback time when styles and color choices were more questionable? Nomad for Web 1.0.7 introduces a new choice in Restyle to create and change your application icon. Give it a try in Nomad for Web under File>Application>Restyle, jump to “Create Icon” to browse over a dozen categories of stock images, choose circle or square, and make your gradient shading choice. Cancel at any time to leave things alone or hit Restyle to restyle your application, including the new icon. Poof! You have now moved from parachute pants and acid washed jeans to a modern design style. Don’t worry – if you want that ‘80s Miami feel, you can still choose teal and pink under Themes.

New! Capture a signature, don’t run out of pizza
The following feature is out in the March releases of Nomad for Web, and mobile (iOS and Android).

You can now easily add the ability for a user to draw and add their signature to a document in Notes/Domino 12.0.2. With the March Nomad releases, you can now do this with the Nomad client as well. Think of a package delivery application built in Domino where the recipient is presented with a tablet to sign for receipt.

Use Domino Designer 12.0.2 and above to add the new @Command([EditInsetSignature]) to your application to capture a signature that will be added to a Rich Text / Rich Text Lite Field and display in the document. Now when the user runs the app, they will be presented with an input box to sign, and it’s stored and displayed in the document. We’ve been thinking of using it on pizza days in development whenever someone takes a slice.

Nomad Links

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Here are links to our last two blogs about Nomad in case you missed them:
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Can we do something better or different?

Don’t forget that we listen to you and change things up when we can. You can tell us through our Aha! Ideas portal that you have a great idea which we could put into Nomad or Restyle. Come tell us what to focus on next. You can also search for ideas and upvote them to tell us that you, too, think it’s a good idea. We look forward to hearing what you want us to do next!

Start using Nomad today!

Simply download Nomad 1.0.7 from the HCLSoftware license and downloads portal and get going today. Or if you don’t have the admin rights or skills and you want to try your app in Nomad, then why not head over to the HCL Sandbox and play with it now? You can create a new app from your template and make sure it works in Nomad. Try using Restyle to see how it will look. Upgrade your Nomad experience now with our latest release and experience all the benefits Nomad has to offer. Want to learn more about Nomad capabilities? Click here for more info.


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