Keeping up with technology to today is no easy feat.  Your refrigerator can see when you are low on milk, place the order, and schedule a delivery time.  Your car can drive you to wherever you need to go, and (even better) parallel park for you.  And your watch can remind you to drink more water and get up and move around. 

Technology for creating digital experiences is no different: It moves fast, too. The latest front-end JavaScript frameworks (Angular, React, Vue, Bootstrap, among others) continue to evolve, each claiming to do things faster, better, and easier.  In order to deliver compelling experiences on any platform efficiently, modern digital experience platforms must take advantage of a common framework of communication and development to allow you to pick the best tools based on a specific need. 

HCL DX 9.5 provides a new OpenAPI-compliant set of REST services, which allows developers to deliver personalized, rich experiences on any digital touch point leveraging any front-end framework they choose.  This means developers productivity can soar, as they can now use OpenAPI to discover and explore different API functions and GraphOL to minimize the number of REST service calls required and reduce network traffic by minimizing data payloads. Front-end developers need a great experience too! 

With DX 9.5, the delivery of consistent, branded experiences across all digital touch points using any front-end framework has become that much easier Now you can not only keep up with your customers expectations, you can exceed them with HCL DX 9.5!

To learn more about HCL DX 9.5, check out our website on September 30th, 2019!


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