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You know that the future of your business relies on the technology decisions you make today. And you know you need a digital experience transformation platform that is robust enough, secure enough, and modern enough to evolve and meet the needs of your business — as well as all your business users and customers. The digital experiences you create power your mission-critical business applications. And, as anyone who has tried to do this at scale, with information and data that comes from multiple sources and systems, allowing multiple people and teams to access, edit, and publish — you know it’s hard and it’s complex. And with the ever-increasing demands from the market, and your audience, and the people who need you, you can’t afford to jury-rig piecemeal solutions. You need powerful simplicity to boost your future business – and HCL Digital Experience (DX) 9.5 can you give this, and a whole lot more!

More modern ways to solve evolving business challenges

Hopefully, you have read about the benefits of both Docker and Kubernetes in our recent blog— greatly simplifying implementation, deployment, and maintenance — making it much easier, faster, and more affordable to grow and expand. You’ve also heard about the evolving new and modern user experience which will make creating and managing web experiences faster and easier, as well as empower more business users with out-of-the-box digital experience examples. Finally, HCL DX 9.5, through more open and accessible APIs, provides developers greater agility in blending complex content, data, and systems — serving internal customers (employees), business to business, and external customers. All together, with HCL DX 9.5 you can adapt to market changes quickly, while keeping a consistent, reliable, modern multichannel experience — for any user.

Flexible power that scales

We want you to learn, along with other top-level business leaders, how we can provide the sophisticated functionality you need for today’s modern digital experiences — and for today’s customers, be they internal or external. We want to help you understand and undertake how to make the complex possible. We want you to join us for the upcoming launch of HCL DX 9.5 — an exciting event and milestone we are looking forward to sharing with you. HCL DX is the modern digital experience platform for the modern world. Come learn how you can deliver the experience your customers demand, quickly and efficiently through:

  • Agile, fast, modern deployment with Docker/Kubernetes
  • Modern, intuitive tools for everyday users
  • OpenAPIs to help you blend content, data and applications from varied and complex sources

You don’t want to miss this. Come to our DX Inspire events this October in Raleigh, NC, or to Milan, Italy and help us usher in a new beginning for HCL DX — one of powerful simplicity for modern digital experiences.

Learn more about HCL Digital Experience 9.5 today!

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