HCL Digital Experienceis a proven platform – purpose built and trusted by enterprises worldwide – for the demanding needs of an organization’s business-critical digital experiences. It provides a secure personalized experience integrating content, data, applications and processes from a variety of systems into a singular experience. Doing and delivering all this can be complex – that’s where HCL Digital Experience helps. 

Part of the complexity comes from understanding who is on your digital property, what they are doing there, and how you can make the experience better, faster and more personalized with the data you have. Our new seamless integrations with powerful new analytics capabilities via Unica Discover and Google Analytics help organizations deliver more relevant experiences to all of their audiences and can lead to improving conversion rates by 85%.  Plus, enhanced integration with HCL Commerce provides a complete solution across the customer journey providing rich insights behind the login. 

HCL Unica Discover

HCL Unica Discover is an analytics platform that empowers marketers to capture, replay and visualize individual online user experiences to better identify how they can improve their digital experiences. Easily analyze and optimize your HCL Digital Experience customer journeys with the following capabilities from Unica Discover: 

  • Struggle Resolution: Detect and address user struggle in real time with session replays. 
  • Behavior Insights: Improve user experiences through capturing and analyzing behavioral data.
  • Business Impact Analytics: Gain better visibility into business impact and opportunities for improvement. 

This provides a more complete and actionable view of customer journeys across all your digital channels. This helps to ensure a consistent experience, every time, driving better conversion rates, customer satisfaction, and customer retention. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) is a web analytics service that helps marketers track, report and analyze in-depth detail about website visitors. HCL DX has streamlined the configuration setup with GA to save time and development resources.  Now Marketers have the insight they need to make better decisions built into their DX instance, and share the right content, to the right audience improving the customer experience. 

HCL Commerce 

HCL Digital Experience not only seamlessly integrates with Unica Discover but also HCL Commerce. Now the combined power of these offerings provides you with insights into the entire customer journey on ecommerce and other digital experiences. Now with Unica Discover, you can track experiences between both platforms including your purchase funnel using Unica Discover to better identify the content that is working and what isn’t working across all your digital properties.

All the insights, none of the complications

With streamlined access to these insights within HCL Digital Experience, our clients will have the information they need to be able to act quickly and create optimized experiences for their audiences. These new analytics capabilities, coupled with the intuitive content creation tools released this summer, will dramatically improve time to market. Better insights. Rich tools. Amazing results.                                                                                                                                    


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