Ensure HCL Compass is installed in your machine and have valid credentials to login into repository.



  1. Open run command prompt in administrator mode and navigate to path where compass in installed in your machine. (My path: C:\Program Files\HCL\Compass).
  2. Run below command (I assume username is ‘admin’, no password, repo name is ‘Compass’ and db name is ‘SAMPL’)

cqperl cpsearch.pl initSearch -username admin -password “” -dbset Compass -userdb SAMPL -searchHome C: \CPSearch.Home -solrHome C: \CPSolr.Home -solrPort 8984

Note #1: For any additional Search deployment for a different user DB, use the same “CPSearch.Home” and “CPSolr.Home” this way all your Search deployments are under the same directory at one place.

Note #2: If you are deploying Search for additional user DBs, make sure to you a different port number.  Use the next available port such as 8985, 8986, etc.  If you are not sure which port is available next, look in the “AboutThisSearch.txt” file for each of your existing Search deployments under “CPSearch.Home” directory.

3. You can notice below message when command is successful.

4. Navigate to the path where Compass Search is getting installed. (My path: C: \CPSearch.Home\Compass_SAMPL)

5. Open Entity file created under the directory or path mentioned in step4. (My FileName: Entity_Compass_SAMPL.txt). Add ‘&’ to the fields for each record type which you need to perform search and save the file.

6. Move back to command prompt and execute the below command (I assume username is ‘admin’, no password, repo name is ‘Compass’ and db name is ‘SAMPL’).

cqperl cpsearch.pl deploySearch -username admin -password “” -dbset Compass -userdb SAMPL -searchHome C: \CPSearch.Home

7. Once command is executed successfully, you can open the application in browser and login to repository. You should be able to see the search bar on the top.



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