Key points about the Migration activity: 
As part of this activity we tried to capture the use case and steps to migrate an existing setup of IBM ClearQuest 9.1 to HCL Compass 2.0.2 

The existing IBM ClearQuest 9.1 comprised of the following components: 

  1. ClearQuest Web Server. 
  2. Multisite Shipping Server. 
  3. Test Databases – One non- replicated and two replicated databases. 
  4. Clearquest Client Components. 
  5. Administration Tools. 
  6. IBM ClearQuest version: 9.1. 
  7. OS – Windows server 2016 Standard. 

And at the end of the exercise we were able to migrate to HCL Compass 2.0.2 with all the above components up and running.  
The activity involved: 

  1. Preserving the ClearQuest databases and connections. 
  2. Uninstall ClearQuest. 
  3. Install HCL Compass. 
  4. Test and verify all previous ClearQuest databases and multisite operations are up and running. 

Following are the screenshot of the steps that followed for the migration: 

  1. Following are the list of products that are installed to begin with 

2. Output of ClearQuest version installed 

3. Screenshots of the ClearQuest Maintenance Tool having three connections highlighted one by one, 

4. Screenshot of Query and record created in the Master Replica in ClearQuest web client, 

5. Screenshot of Query and record created in Master Replica displayed on the Sibling Replica in ClearQuest web client, 

6. Screenshots of the ClearQuest Designer with version 2 of the schema, 

7. Output of the lsreplica command showing multisite replica, 

8. Output of lsepoch command, 

9. Screenshot of ClearQuest Client, 

10. Screenshot of User Administration tool, 

11. ClearQuest 9.1 Installation directory screenshot, 

12. ClearQuest 9.1 Registry Entries screenshot 

13. ClearQuest Web profile services screenshot 

14. Screenshot of the Multisite Control Panel, 

15. Backing up ClearQuest data 

In this scenario, the only thing that needs to be backed up is the ClearQuest Databases, Master and User databases. In real world scenarios, there might be a need to back up further settings and components depending on the environment and customizations. Refer HCL Compass Migration guide for the same.  

16. Once all the required backups are taken, go ahead and uninstall ClearQuest from the current machine. 

17. Add the repositories in Installation Manager to install Compass 

18. Select the Compass Components to install. An important thing to note here is that, Compass installation by default do not come with Multisite Shipping Server. This comes as a separate repository and has to be installed separately from Compass.  

If a machine, needs installation of both Version Vault and Compass, Compass Multisite package cannot be installed. Here, we have Version Vault also, which is installing Multisite shipping server. In this scenario Compass, Multisite package cannot be installed on this machine. 

19. In the HCL Common configuration page, add the Java path. Compass installation is not shipped with Java. Here we use, AdoptOpenJDK. 

20. Select use Preserved Settings in the next page to make sure the connections created previously in the ClearQuest Maintenance tool is restored with HCL Compass 

21. Provide the License Server Id and Url which you received, 

22. Create a new WebSphere Application Profile by providing the path to installed WebSphere Appserver directory, 

23. Proceed with Install 

24. Once the installation is complete. Restart the system. Compass version screenshot and the existing database connections from ClearQuest can be found in the HCL Compass Maintenance tool. 

25. Screenshot of the HCL Compass web UI with the same multisite database and the record as with Clearquest, 

26. Compass Client UI screenshot 

27. Multiutil lsepoch output of the replicas, 

28. Registry path information for HCL Compass, 

29. Screenshot of Compass Installation Directory 

30. Compass Rest API documentation uri screenshot 


We were able to migrate the ClearQuest 9.1 setup to HCL Compass 2.0.2 , with all the below components successfully, 

  1. ClearQuest Databases. 
  2. ClearQuest Clients. 
  3. ClearQuest Designer. 
  4. ClearQuest Multisite. 



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