HCL Compass 2.0.2 introduced integration with 3rd party dynamic dashboarding tools as a technical preview. The integration layer uses Node-RED and a publicly available Compass-Query Node that enables the connection to HCL Compass. This provides an interface that creates a connection for the purpose of extracting data from defined queries. The Compass-Query Node is intended for HCL Compass users who will  assist their organization in providing easy access to Compass data for use in 3rd party software products.    

Dynamic dashboarding tools, such as Microsoft Power Bi or Tableau, can use the integration layer to pull data from HCL Compass and create custom dynamic dashboards. All of the documentation for the Compass-Query project is available on the HCL Compass public GitHub project. 

The following video demonstrates how to build dynamic dashboards using HCL Compass.



Need more information about HCL Compass? 

HCL Compass is a low-code/no-code change management software for enterprise level scaling, process customization, and control to accelerate project delivery and increase developer productivity. If this sounds right for you, visit our site and explore the benefits of becoming an HCL Compass user. 

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