In many industries, Audit is a crucial part to maintain accuracy and tracking of all changes to the records.  AuditTrail feature in HCL Compass can fulfill this requirement as it helps in tracking the changes in different record types when they are created or changed. After you enable a record type with the AuditTrail package, all changes to records of that type will be audited.  

How to apply AuditTrail package? 

  1. Launch HCL Compass Designer 
  2. Connect to the schema repository

3. Right click on schema version and click on apply packages

4. Select  AuditTrail package 

5. Select the record types you want to enable for.

6. Click on Finish to install the package 

7. Once it gets installed successfully, check-in the latest schema version and upgrade the user DB

How to track changes in AuditTrail for a record? 

  1. Login to HCL Compass Web 
  2. Create New defect and fill the details 
  3. Save the record 
  4. You will see Audit Trail tab that displays the audit trail for the record. 

The information it stores by default is 

  • User identity as user name and login 
  • Database schema version that was used to describe the record  as Schema Rev 
  • Time of change 
  • Action and state 
  • Changed fields 

Note: It contains no editable fields so it cannot be altered. 

This is how the records types can be audited whenever they are created or modified 

We can also customize and configure the audit trail to: 

  1. remove certain fields from auditing 
  2. change format what the audit trail looks like
  3. customize to only audit certain records.

We will see how to remove certain fields from auditing: 

  1. You can add global hook as below to disable audit for any field. In below example we are disabling auditing for Owner field. 

2. Checkin the schema and upgrade user database 

3. Login to compass web 

4. Change Owner field and Description field 

5. Save the record 

6. You will see that Owner field changes are not captured but Description field changes are.

Before disabling auditing for Owner field: 

After disabling auditing for Owner field: 

In this way we can disable auditing for specific fields. For details about customization please refer link:  AuditTrail extensions 


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