18 months ago, IBM WebSphere became HCL Commerce, part of the HCL Software unit. I, like many of my colleagues, wasn’t quite sure what to expect. But one of the key messages the leadership team ingrained in us is that HCL Software and HCL Commerce by extension, would be an organization focused on helping our customers excel. For HCL Software, this was captured in three simple words – Beyond the Contract. Within our HCL Commerce team, we loved this concept. It became a cornerstone of our first steps as a “new” company so much that we adapted it slightly to reflect our commerce world – Beyond the Transaction.

This tweak, though slight, made a stronger connection for those of us in commerce because the mantra and our belief as a company worked on two levels.

How we partner with our clients.

We don’t stash the contract away and move on to the next company. We build strong and deep relationships with our clients to ensure they can succeed in growing their business. This approach is part of our culture from the top down and it takes many forms.

  1. Established support structures from our Customer Support Manager teams, Technical Advisor teams and Advisory Services teams who provide the help our clients need whether they are just getting started with an initial deployment or are long term clients who are looking refine their customer experience strategy.
  2. Client engagement activities to ensure we are always incorporating the voice of our clients into new product development and new service development. This is achieved through our Client Advocacy program, our Sponsor User Program, the Customer Advisory Board and our ideation portal called AHA where clients can submit, review and vote up each other’s product ideas – we want our customers to drive the direction of our platform and so we actively solicit their input.
  3. Informative content and insights created for our clients to help them with both strategic and tactical challenges. We produce dozens of webinars each year about topics that matter to our clients, from how to undertake a digital transformation in B2B and B2C organizations, to key trends in buyer behavior. We hold monthly Meet the Engineers sessions where clients can talk directly with the team building and improving the platform. We have quarterly product announcements to ensure our clients know about all the great new capabilities being added into the product. Our team members are also producing podcasts, blogs and how-to videos all developed with our customers in mind.

How we empower our clients so they can

deliver an experience that goes beyond the transaction for their customers

We work closely with our clients to ensure that all improvements to the platform are grounded in what they need to succeed because their success also revolves around building relationships with their customers that go beyond a transaction – creating loyal customers who keep coming back.

Our platform is built to empower our clients so they have the agility, control and peace of mind to know they can make bold moves to create compelling customer experiences across the whole customer journey backed by the HCL Commerce team and a rock-solid platform. Our clients are creating some of the most innovative, differentiated customer experiences in the market and we couldn’t be prouder.

Check out some of the amazing things our customers are doing:


And then see the content we’re creating to support them:

HCL Commerce Webinars

HCL Commerce YouTube

HCL Commerce Blog

Commerce & Cocktails Podcast

Planning for Online Peaks Podcast

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