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If you’ve been following HCL Commerce lately or spoken to any of our team members, you’ve probably heard talk about the 3 WOWs as part of our launch of 9.1. But why do they exist?

When we became part of HCL back in July of 2019 (speaking of a wow…we’ve been here a year already!!), we were told that every software group that came on board had to launch a major release within a year driven by three “WOWs” – three new capabilities for the product that would get our customers and prospects to sit up and say “wow”.This was an ambitious goal for certain, but one that drove home a foundational mantra of HCLSoftware and HCL Commerce – to go Beyond the Transaction for our clients. These WOWs were not meant to be flashy marketing fodder with little behind them but rather intensely researched, differentiating and vetted by the market that we could deliver in  1 year . Identifying and executing against those 3 WOWs ensures we are engaging constantly with our clients to co-create a platform that helps them increase their revenue, reduce their costs and minimize the effort to do both. And it worked! After countless reviews of our roadmap with clients (and partners) our engineering and product management team honed in on the 3 WOWs our customers wanted.


World Class Experience is all about ensuring organizations have the flexibility and agility to create the experience they want.

  • Drive world-class customer experiences with SPAs and PWAs without involving IT using embedded CMS
  • Take advantage of HCL’s new next-generation REACT Storefront to get you to market quicker and easier
  • Leverage the fully Restful API driven stack to create experiences across any device 


Optimized Merchandising enables companies to improve the customer buying experience and boost conversions

  • Provide relevant search results your customers’ want – no rules, no training
  • Make search easier and more effective with Natural Language Processing
  • Improve margins by merchandising specific product, size and color


Cloud Native Commerce speaks to the platforms ability to accelerate time to market and deploy in any cloud for a lower cost of ownership

  • Spin up sites to sell in new markets in minutes
  • Flex to meet demand and scale immediately
  • Manage innovation and continuous change by promoting into production with low/no risk
  • Deploy anywhere, on-prem, hosted or in the cloud of your choice

During our 9.1 launch and Customer Virtual Summit we’ll spend a lot more time delving into each of these – including demos, deep dives and customer talks so make sure to register to learn more.


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