More and more businesses are transforming themselves digitally and relying on their website to drive their business. But as they do, they need their analytics to:

  1. Help them better understand what the data is telling them as many are not as comfortable with absorbing the information.
  2. Bring together the data from multiple sources and multiple channels to get a better view of sales across the organization
  3. Enable new employees to get up to speed quicker on the analytics so they can be more productive and make better decisions for the business
  4. Ensure that the long-term goals for the business are being achieved.
  5. keep pace in order to measure their progress and ensure they are moving in the right direction or if not, providing them the key data points to help them pivot to the right direction.

Analytics drive success through two key attributes: 1. The quality of the data being captured for analysis and 2. the accessibility and visualization of that data to make it actionable.

This is why we are so excited about our partnership with Google that was launched back in 2019 (Read about that here). While much of the initial conversation was around Google Cloud Platform which is now a preferred cloud option for our customers, we have begun to focus on the benefits of the integration of Google Analytics to the HCL Commerce platform.

We have brought the depth and breadth of GA directly into our management center so our customers can quickly and easily visualize the health of their digital business and then take action within the same user interface. Not seeing the performance you expect in a certain category? Quickly open the promotions tab and boost the category/product visibility. Need to suppress a product that’s out of stock? You can easily identify the stockout and change your product position in search and merchandising to ensure your customers don’t suffer a bad experience by seeing a product that is out of stock.

Check out our analytics demo to see it in action!

Our clients are (and have been) instrumental in guiding us to improvements that will make a material difference to their business and analytics is top of that list. We are continuing to add to our analytics capabilities too, with more enhancements coming in our next release including more depth and data around:

    • Conversion Rates
    • Transactions
    • Revenue
    • Average Order Value
    • Unique Purchases
    • Quantities
    • Average Quantities
    • Average Price
    • Per Session Value

There are many more new capabilities in this next release that I didn’t mention, so check-out the 9.1.6 release notes for more!

If you want to schedule a live demo of our analytics or talk with a commerce expert, just reach out!

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