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Quadrant Solutions is an emerging analyst organization, who has their finger on the pulse of commerce. For this matrix, the research included a detailed analysis of the global market regarding short-term and long-term growth opportunities, emerging technology trends, market trends, and future market outlook. For HCL Commerce, they ranked us a leader not once, but twice, once for B2B Commerce and once for B2C Commerce. This is very encouraging as it reflects our understanding of the market and the heavy investment, we have made in new commerce capabilities. And we are only just getting started!

This global advisory and consulting firm, gave us high marks for the platform being cloud native with an API-first architecture, creating a very agile, scalable, and customizable digital commerce platform. They also highlighted our best-in-class commerce functionality. This aligns with our mantra for HCL Commerce, which is ‘The transaction platform that helps you sell more’. It’s all about the platform that gives you the tools to easily increase sales, being able to scale to manage the additional orders beyond anything else available in the market (500 order a second at one fast fashion retailer), to be reliable and secure. In the words of one of our customers ‘It just runs and I don’t have to worry about it’. It’s the platform you need when digital sales are ‘off the charts’ due to a flash sale, or a change in how customers want to engage which drives them to self-service, or a new brand, division, or country goes digital. Everything we do and all the investments in the Commerce roadmap, uses that mantra as our guiding ‘North Star’ on what is important to prioritize.

“The company excels in offering enterprise-grade scalability and extensibility”

As part of the research, Quadrant Solutions completed a detailed competitive analysis and vendor evaluation, which includes ranking and positioning leading Commerce platform vendors. The SPARK Matrix analysis included the following vendors: Salesforce, Adobe, SAP, Oracle, VTEX, HCL, Digital River, Commerce Tools, Big Commerce and Shopify. What jumps out to me from the matrix is where the vendors who push a microservices architecture landed – back in the challenger quadrant! Looks like cloud-native with containerized business services that demonstrate a clear business value is a winning approach vs. microservices!

This recognition from the analysts helps prove we are on track with our strategy and our plans will further strengthen our position. New capabilities for sales personas, new channels including native and syndicated marketplaces, plus post-order management functionality for improved customer experiences. Let’s see where we land in next years’ matrix.

Read the full reports for more information!

SPARK Matrix B2B Commerce

SPARK Matrix B2C Commerce

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