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In our recent ( and releases, we enhanced our headless React based Reference Storefronts, EmeraldPlus (B2C) and SapphirePlus (B2B with an integration to HCL Commerce Content Management System (CMS). All the sample data necessary to support these storefronts has been loaded into the Content and Digital Asset Management system so that business users can take control of the store experience.

EmeraldPlus (B2C)                                                     SapphirePlus (B2B)

emerald plus sapphire plus

Let’s clarify a few terms before we dive in.

Digital Assets – these would be your product images, attribute swatches, marketing content images, documents and videos.

Web Content – this would be an assembled home hero image. The content would include the background from your digital assets, plus some overlay text as well as a call-to-action button perhaps.

E-Marketing Spots – these are spots on a page where you can display content, products, etc. using the HCL Commerce Management Center. The EmeraldPlus and SapphirePlus reference storefronts display elements in E-Marketing Spots.

Integrated Marketing Content Tools:

From within HCL Commerce Management Center, we have added a menu item for “Content”. This is where you will launch in to either the Digital Asset or Web Content modules, depending on the task you are working on. We’ve also simplified logins by providing Single Sign-on capabilities to preserve user authentication when working with both tools.


Within the Marketing tool of Management Center, we have created a new content type called Digital Experience Content. When selected, you have the option to select a content item with a new embedded content picker. You can also see that we provide some technical details about the content right within Management Center about the content itself as well as the ability to copy the entire JSON response coming from the web content system.

home hero content

Additionally, you can open a piece of content and edit the properties of the content in the new intuitive and streamlined business user tooling. Simply make your changes, save them, leverage workflow and publish.

home hero content edit mode

Integrated Attachments:

As a product, marketing or category manager, you can use the Attachments tool to create and manage URLs that reference marketing and catalog images, documents and various multimedia files you may use in your marketing campaigns. As part of this integration, we have embedded a new digital asset picker right within Management Center.

find collections

Integrated Catalog Management:

There are two primary locations we’ve integrated the Catalogs tool:

  • Attribute / Product / Category Images
  • Associated Assets

Attribute Swatch Images:

If you choose to link to images stored within the Digital Asset Management library, you can simply click the pencil icon for the attribute swatch images and leverage the new digital asset management picker to search for and select a new image from a collection.

Product / Category Images:

If you choose to link to images stored within the Digital Asset Management library for product or category images, you can simply click the pencil icon and leverage the new digital asset management picker to search for and select a new image.

create collection

Associated Assets:

Associated assets are URLs or attachments that can be associated with a category or catalog entry. For example, if you desire to have a user manual associated with a product, you would create an associated asset and designate it for use as a User Manual. You may also have multiple images for a product with different angles. This would be another possible use for associated assets. The usage type determines what store page the asset is displayed on as well as location on the page.

Using an Existing Attachment:

Leveraging the Attachments tool, you may already have a large collection of attachments. You can leverage those attachments as associated assets as well!
br acce

Creating a New URL:

You also have the option to create a new URL as an associated asset. Simply click on the pencil icon to launch the embedded digital asset management picker to search your collections for the proper asset(s).

emerald cas collections

As you can see, we have been listening to our customers. We are continuing to enhance the capabilities offered in our solution and would love to hear from you. To learn more, schedule a demo or reach out to your customer representative to set up a meeting.


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