HCL Commerce is all about simplifying and streamlining a business user’s everyday work. For this theme, our product teams will deliver innovations and enhancements to the platform that enable our clients to create amazing customer experiences. It starts with data and understanding every customer, so that the user can make better decisions. Or even better yet, automate the process so the business users can focus on what they truly care about to achieve their business goals.


Customer Experience Flexibility
The pace of change for digital commerce is accelerating so quickly, you need a platform that is inherently set up to enable speed,

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agility and flexibility. HCL Commerce’s cloud-native approach gives you the tools you need to beat your competition. Whether that’s continuing to enhance our native CMS capabilities, empowering clients to leverage existing CMS investments or giving control to clients who want to design their experience from the ground up – or a bit of everything! HCL Commerce has you covered for any experience options you need – HCL Commerce CMS; Use 3rd Party CMS; Headless and whatever may be next. We’ll innovate the technology so you can innovate the experience.

Enhanced Productivity
We want business users to look forward to using HCL Commerce. The user interface and tooling ensure our clients can get the most out of all the rich capabilities in the platform, whether that’s building compelling experiences for our reference storefronts, tuning search to ensure better results, or creating a new promotion to crush your sales goals. Working closely with clients and partners through our Sponsor User Program, we’ll ensure that we are constantly re-evaluating how our product is used to ensure clients can get the most out of it, with the least amount of effort and time.

How to Utilize Google Analytics to Improve Your Restaurant's WebsiteVisualization and Insights
Knowing is half the battle – actually these days, it is most of the battle. Understanding your buyers, how they search, browse and buy, is critical data that drives success at every point of the customer journey. Collecting the right data, deriving actionable insights from that data and maintaining control of that data will enable you to create more meaningful and unique customer experiences that will in turn increase your sales. HCL Unica Discover and HCL Commerce combine to collect and analyze customer behavioral data that clients can then take action on, creating more relevant promotions, more personalized merchandising, better on-site experiences and more accurate search results.

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The future of commerce IS cloud-native. We are investing heavily in our cloud-native capabilities because we believe this and so do our clients – so much so that they trust our vision to grow their sales beyond $160 billion annually.
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Performance, Scalability & Security
  HCL Commerce has been a beacon of reliability for its clients dating back 20 years. With the move to a cloud native architecture, we’ve managed to improve upon that reliability by delivering elastic scalability, untouchable security and massive performance benchmarked to 100,000 orders per hour. When you can’t risk your site going down, HCL Commerce is the only choice. Read on to see where we are continuing to invest in this core benefit to support our growing clients.   Market-Leading Performance The biggest B2B and B2C organizations in the world rely on HCL Commerce to help them sell more. Our performance is tested in the real-world so our benchmark isn’t the only-proof point. We have companies who’ve managed nearly 47,000 orders per hour and seen 52% YoY growth and one who hit 500 orders per second at peak! Whether it’s a peak selling day or sustained growth, our platform is built to support your growth.   Reduce TCO The investment in cloud-native commerce wasn’t just to bring agility, flexibility and control to our clients, but also help them reduce the time, effort and cost to maintain the platform. The elastic scalability of the cloud-native platform, whether they are on-premise or in a public/private cloud, the containerization of business services, the support of DevOps and CI/CD processes all mean that they can build differentiating experiences in less time and sell more with less effort. Reliable and Secure Peace of mind knowing that your platform will always be available to your customers whether your planning for a big promotion or selling peak or if you get hit with an unexpected surge, cloud-native commerce delivers the security and reliability to ensure you can keep selling more. Register for our Summer 2021 CommerceConnect to see live demos and hear from clients and leaders!...
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Extensive Sales & Business Model Support
  This theme is focused on ensuring our clients can sell in any way they need to sell to meet their customers’ needs and stay relevant in a fast-changing digital commerce world - it’s all about flexibility, agility, and extensibility packaged and delivered on a single platform. Agile Business Models The world is transforming to digital first commerce. This transformation increases complexity in how you go to market so you need a platform that makes things simpler. But how do you simplify the complex world of large organizations that need to support multiple models (B2B, B2C and B2B2C)? You bring all of those capabilities into a single platform and continue to enhance and support those models so the client never needs to manage multiple vendors. Expanding Sales Capabilities One platform also extends to ensuring all the different ways your team engages with customers is supported and optimized. It starts with self-service for order capture and reducing the cost of sale. Then enable your customer service representatives can see and update orders, identify issues and improve the customer experience. Empower your sales team with guided selling capabilities to provide that all-important personal touch while leveraging the benefits of an advanced cloud-native commerce platform. New GEOs Ö. New brands Ö. New acquisitions Ö. Best of Breed With the help and input of our clients and partners, we have built a platform that gives you everything you need to sell more. Then we went a step further and delivered a set of comprehensive REST APIs to expose every part of the platform so that you can quickly and easily extend your commerce solution and leverage your investments – prefer a 3rd party CMS? A PIM? Need to plug-in your ERP system? We’ve built a platform that helps you succeed however you want to...