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January 12th is less than a week away, which means in no time at all, you’ll be able to see all the great new capabilities available in our latest release.

Want to put more world class into your customer experience?

We’ve given you more control, more power for better customer experiences.

  • Empower your business users to create compelling customer experiences with a powerful content management system (CMS)
  • Accelerate the delivery of engaging customer experiences through the digital asset manager (DAM)
  • Simplify syndication of your content to any sales or marketing channel to ensure your customers get the right content and information when they need it.

Looking to optimize your merchandising?

Now you can quickly and easily capture and analyze behavioral data to sell more.

  • Visualize the health of your digital business in one place with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
  • Detect and address user struggles in real-time to improve the customer experience
  • Use behavioral insights to proactively retarget customers who didn’t buy

Need a more flexible, agile and scalable platform?

Cloud native delivers the platform portability you want across cloud and hybrid for your commerce, data and customer experiences.

  • Simplify deployment of high impact changes and updates to innovate faster
  • Easily extend the customer experience with a fast and flexible integration framework
  • Single click deployment to Google Cloud Platform to enable new commerce sites in minutes

We are all about showing, so join any of our 4 sessions to see what our new release delivers and how it can help you sell more.

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