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Since the introduction of HCL Unica Discover last year, behavioral analytics has been one of the hottest topics with Commerce customers. Those customers who have gone live have seen a ROI in the first quarter. Curious? Schedule a demo or join us at the HCL CommerceConnect event on June 17th where we will be demoing HCL Unica Discover live!

Meantime, we continue to enhance HCL Unica Discover with new capabilities, starting with out of the box integration with the google tag manager data layer included with React storefronts in v9.1.4 and onwards of HCL Commerce. This enables Unica Discover to offer reporting and analytics capabilities that previously required time and investment in mapping, creating and maintaining data objects used to identify customer behaviours.

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Now, as soon as you start using Unica Discover, you get insights into the store shopping and checkout process immediately, helping to enable faster identification of issues and understanding of customer behaviours and revenue optimization opportunities. Interested – Why not go and try it for yourself? HCL Unica Discover is available on HCL SoFy, our cloud native catalog and you can spin up an instance and check it out. Sign up here!


And it’s not just about building default reports. Data has been normalized into plain English and grouped to make it easier to understand when analysing your customer experience. There are over 50 base line reports available utilising the new data layer integration, and many more available once’s dimensions and segmentation is added into these.

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Some examples of these include:

  • Abandoned/unrealized revenue
  • Customer struggle scores by user action repetition and page repeated patterns
  • Promo code use and relation to conversion and abandonment
  • Top search and failed search terms
  • Search and zero result search relation to conversion and abandonment

Learn more about HCL Unica Discover and get more out of your data.


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