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As we entered our new fiscal year, we wanted to align our product and marketing strategy to better reflect how our customers use the HCL Commerce platform to drive more sales and lower the total cost of ownership. The result is the creation of 4 core themes that will guide every investment and enhancement decision from product development to the messaging and content that marketing develops and much more.

4 core themes

Starting today and in the weeks surrounding our first big launch on June 17th we will talk about each of these in more depth, sharing what they mean and why we chose them. So, let’s kick this off with a brief foundational understanding of these themes and what we’ll dive deeper on in subsequent emails.

It starts with our Mantra. ‘HCL Commerce is the transaction platform that helps you sell more.’ Each of these themes is aligned under this mantra and helps our clients convert more sales by making it easier to buy, handle the increased number of transactions and improve the performance of the site.

extensive sales and business model


This theme is focused on ensuring our clients can sell in any way they need to sell to meet their customers’ needs and stay relevant in a fast-changing digital commerce world – it’s all about flexibility, agility, and extensibility all on one platform. Underneath this, we’ll focus on Agile Business Models, Expanding Sales Capabilities, Ensuring Best of Breed Capabilities, and New Channel Capabilities.

optimized business and user experience



HCL Commerce is all about simplifying and streamlining a business user’s everyday work. For this theme, our product teams will deliver innovations and enhancements to the platform that enable our clients to: create great customer experiences quickly and easily; improve productivity with easy-to-use tooling; and gain a better understanding of customer behavior with leading data and analytic insights.

performance, scalability and security



Reliability is crucial to success. One bad experience due to a site outage can ruin years of work build up your reputation as a trusted brand. HCL Commerce has been a beacon of reliability for its clients dating back 20 years. With the move to a cloud native architecture, we’ve managed to improve upon that reliability by delivering elastic scalability, untouchable security and massive performance benchmarked to 100,000 orders per hour. When you can’t risk your site going down or checkout blowing up because of the volume of sales, HCL Commerce is the only choice.

cloud native



The future of commerce IS cloud-native. We are investing heavily in our cloud-native capabilities because we believe this and so do our clients – so much so that they trust our vision to grow their sales beyond $160 billion annually. Cloud-native delivers clear benefits so it’s not hard to understand why this approach is revolutionizing commerce (and other industries). With cloud-native commerce you get:

Portability to take your platform to any cloud, on-premise or hybrid; Innovation velocity so you can stay ahead of the competition; customization to help you differentiate your brand; control of the experience and own your data; Tied together with simplified devops for better cloud monitoring.

Stay tuned and read next week’s blog to dive deeper!

To learn more, register for our CommerceConnect announcing our Summer 2021 release – Register Here.


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