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What is an Innovation Factory? My GM recently pointed out that the words ‘Innovation’ and ‘Factory’ don’t really go together, with innovation being associated with something new or unique, a different way perhaps of engaging with customers. Factory conjures up images of buildings where a uniform product is manufactured in volume, with no concern for individuality. I see his point, but I still like the idea behind the name – a team that has figured out a way to accelerate innovation that can be ‘productionized’ and adopted at speed into our commerce platform.

Every day we see our clients having to move fast and one thing I have come to realize is that it doesn’t matter how big a company is, their success and growth is dependent on how fast and agile they can be. So, we wanted to create a team dedicated to helping our clients move faster, to deliver innovation that would help them sell more, by offering new and engaging world-class experiences that would draw their customers back, again and again, and help them be leaders in the new digital economy.

Innovation Factory Mission

The mission for the Innovation Factory is to help our clients stay in front of their competition and grow their business through the use of innovation. We take the risk out of the process by taking ideas from our clients or finding promising early-stage commerce technology and testing the concepts on the HCL Commerce platform. By leveraging our platform expertise, we get the most out of the innovation and develop them into new assets or an extension to the platform, helping clients differentiate themselves in the market.

To summarize – This team creates excitement, for our customers, partners, products and innovation. Everyone wants to be on this dedicated team that plays (with purpose) with all the cool new technology and ideas!

Who has Access to the Innovation Factory?

Every one of our clients – It’s one of the services that you get simply for being part of our family! The capabilities built by the innovation factory are available for all and not for just the one client who came up with the concept. Since the capabilities are built on an API-First approach, it’s easy for every customer to incorporate them onto their HCL Commerce platform, regardless of version.

Are Any Innovations Complete?

Yes! In just 6 months, the team has built these 18 new capabilities in conjunction with our customers and partners. And those 8 assets tagged with an * are now part of the core platform.

*Barcode Scanner CKEditor-Using Content URL
*Voice Search CKEditor- using Content Picker
*Image Search *Eclipse Toolkit
*PayPal (Braintree) Stripe Integration
*Google Analytics and Dashboard NetSuite OMS Integration
*KProp Zendesk Commerce Integration
Single Sign On External Event Triggering ( Dialog Activity)
Google Voice assistant Punch-out 2 Go
Google IoT Core *Push Notification

Here’s a quick demo of one of the assets, push notifications, to get you excited.

If you want to take advantage of the Innovation Factory or simply want to learn more, contact Johnn Tinch johnn.tinch@hcl.com.

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