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With HCL Commerce and HCLSoftware evolving so quickly it becomes very important that the people that use the product, help implement the product, support, and develop the product be up to date on all the latest functionalities.

With that being said HCL has rolled out a state-of-the-art Learning Management System to enable and promote people for their skills within the products offered by HCLSoftware.

Currently we are offering courses for the following products.

  • HCL Commerce
  • HCL Volt MX
  • HCL Unica
  • HCL Digital Experience

HCL Commerce and the Software Academy

Currently HCL Commerce has foundational courses available for the Business User, Developer, and Administration. These courses are the common courses that are not hands on but will give the user the basic knowledge of the product at no cost!

We will continue to add new Commerce courses including instructor led courses and hands on self-paced learning courses in the coming months and years as the software evolves.

There is a resource library where registered users can look for information with an innovative search engine for any product that HCLSoftware offers! Click here to access the Resource Library

Some of the information you can find in this library will include what’s new in the latest releases, information on Innovation factory assets for commerce and links to events, blogs, and product documentation

What does this mean for our Customers?

The LMS will focus on several Learning Journeys for our Commerce customers. Our customers will be recognized by gaining badges for each of the courses they have taken and certifications when they complete an entire learning journey.

This is also an opportunity for our Customers to gain knowledge on best practices that will be shared by other customers using HCL Commerce. There will be community blogs as well as the latest news from people that build the product to resources that help you our customers use our products to the fullest extent.

Below is some more detail on the types of topics we will cover for each of the current profile’s we are targeting.

System Administration 

This will include topics such as deployment models, installation, and configuration, applying update packages, administration tools, code deployment, site Security and more!


This will include topics like REST API’s, Search Customization, React SDK, Caching overview, Development Best Practices, Content Management and DAM, and much more.

Business User

This will include a walkthrough of Commerce Management Center and breakout into different roles within CMC and the tutorials that go along with it.

What does this mean for our Partners?

With Customers being the main focus of our partners, this will ensure that they have the most up to date knowledge on the product and certifications that can show their customers that they have the expertise to make them successful.

Partners will have the ability to contribute to blogs and training and promote any new innovations that have been built.

Partners will also have the same access as the customers for the learning journeys plus a partner certification for HCL Commerce.

What does this mean for HCL Resources?

The Learning Management System will be utilized internally to help our support and sales resources stay up to date on all new functionality and be able to help our customers with any questions on the latest releases.

As we grow this will also allow HCL to get any new resources up to speed on this ever-evolving product.

How do I access the Software Academy?

It’s Simple! Start by watching the “Getting Started” Video – Click Here.

Then register and start taking the Commerce learning journeys to learn more about eCommerce and HCL Commerce!

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