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After all the excitement and energy from the HCL Commerce Customer Summit and the launch of version 9.1, which was only a month ago, the pace of innovation by our clients and by HCL is accelerating. To provide some insight, we thought we would share a quick snapshot through the lens of our customers, drawn from our AHA Ideas Portal and our customer support team – and three things stood out.


  1. Cloud native is hot as customers connect the dots between the platform and the value to the business. Customers are clamoring for information, tips, best practices as they seek to adopt its constituent pieces as they work towards becoming a cloud native organization – and that means going beyond commerce. In many cases, HCL Commerce is a catalyst for broader organizational change and they are looking to us for advice as they tread a very new path. Questions around microservices (or business services as we think about them), DevOps and CI/CD, Containers (and supporting technologies like Kubernetes, Google Anthos, etc) are constantly hitting our Support and Advisory Services team.


  1. Adoption of 9.x is accelerating! Not surprising after a great launch event with live demos and deep dives into the benefits – we have a lot of inquiries about the move to 9.1, closely connected to questions around Cloud Native – which of course is the foundational architecture of 9.1. Since the start of 2020, we’ve seen double digit growth in inquiries about 9/9.1, migration paths, timing, organizational approaches and more – companies have clearly seen the value and are in various stages of mapping or executing their moves.


  1. Elasticsearch and search in general – coming out of our launch and announcement of HCL Commerce Search based on the Elasticsearch engine, this has been the single most inquired about feature. Though calling it a feature is seriously doing it a disservice – search is becoming more important than ever to delivering a successful customer experience. Inquiries about Elasticsearch cover the full feature-set: Core NLP, AI and ML capabilities and of course, the ability for the data captured from search to be used by the entire organization to improve their understanding of the customer.

So those are the hot topics around HCL Commerce right now. But keep an eye out as things move fast and we’re already looking forward to adding to and enhancing what’s in 9.1 with our 9.2 launch.

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