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The Paradigm B2B Enterprise and Mid-market reports are live! This in-depth vendor analysis is a dedicated assessment of the top ecommerce platforms in the B2B space led by Andy Hoar, a long-time analyst and influencer in the B2B ecommerce space. Andy and his team conducted extensive research including live demonstrations with Q&A, interviews with customers and more to ensure a comprehensive and accurate reflection of the platforms’ capabilities.

HCL Commerce medaled almost as much as Michael Phelps!

We received medals in 8 out of 10 categories for both the Mid-market and Enterprise reports, a significant improvement over the 2020 reports where we received medals in 5 out of 10 categories. We also increased the quality of our medals from 4 bronze and 1 silver in 2020 to 3 bronze, 4 silvers and a gold! I think the biggest story is to come out of this is that Andy (and the analyst community) is starting to see the improvements we are making in our platform and the fundamental benefits inherent in cloud-native commerce. The proof is in the pudding as they say and by showing Andy what’s possible and having our clients tell him how powerful the platform is, we’ve seen the positive outcome in the 2021 report.

Below are some of the areas Andy highlighted for HCL Commerce:

1. Handles complexity well

2. Ability to create custom catalogs

3. Facility for spinning up and managing dealer sites

4. Strong promotions functionality

5. Mature back-end interfaces and punchout- related workflows

And a great quote directly from Andy:

“Customers spoke highly of HCL Commerce’s platform stability and performance with one customer calling it “very powerful.” Some clients commented about HCL’s limited independent partner footprint, underpowered functionality in a few key product areas (e.g., PIM, OMS), and the measurable effort that can be required to upgrade for major HCL releases.”

Read the complete report to see where we got our medals and why.

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