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HCL Commerce A Fresh Approach – Gaining Market Momentum

Like so many of the solutions acquired from IBM by HCLSoftware in July 2019, the HCL Commerce solutions are already gaining momentum in the market and capturing customer attention. Customers and Business Partners are telling us loudly that the acquisition was the best thing to ever happen to the Commerce platform in years.

So, what’s driving this new enthusiasm for a platform used and loved by so many commerce professionals? 

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It starts with a completely new commitment to the customer, based on a philosophy that the ‘Relationship goes beyond the contract’. This message has been shared face to face with over 130 clients since July 1st and without exception customers are loving the change.

What does the new philosophy mean?

Simply that we want to give our customers enduring value from their investment by being intensely client focused – in our product roadmaps, lab advocacy, with our transparent development processes, our high-velocity releases, and a consultative approach to projects. We also want to tackle those hard issues which have remained unaddressed. We will deliver practical innovations (both big and small) that matter to our Clients with a focus on value, as opposed to hype and give everyone a voice in deciding their respective priorities.

To back these ambitious principles and commitments, HCL is accelerating their investment in commerce engineering by increasing the number of developers from 30 to 60 in the first 90 days – and that is just the start.

Improved Services

In our desire to be customer focused, we have introduced new services available for every customer. The Advisory Services team provides technical advice, best practice validation, and recommendations for configurations and operations to help you get more value from the platform, including helping clients before, during and after peak events for their customers.

Technical Advisors, an extension of the engineering teams is available to engage with customers on POCs, design studios, briefings, lab engagements and roadmap investments. The goal is to make the delivery process transparent and collaborative as we recognize the best ideas can come from anywhere.

Client Advocacy

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 We are Here to Listen – Client Advocacy

To ensure ongoing satisfaction, a new Client Advocate team is engaging with customers and building a deeper understanding of their business and what’s important to them.

It’s still early days but these changes are already making a difference. I just got off a call with a Business Partner executive who admitted he hasn’t been this excited about the future of Commerce! He confessed that prior to a meeting with HCL, he fully expected to wish that he could get that time back!  Instead, he came out so energized – loving the conviction behind the vision and the passion for the platform – that he immediately called his top customer and told them they need to jump onboard. They signed up for the new programs and volunteered to star in a new customer success story about their implementation.

Doing the Right Thing for the Customer

Customers, partners are all giving us feedback that HCLSoftware is collaborating to ‘do the right thing for the customer’. They noted that we are resolving issues that stopped customers being eligible for extended support, delivering projects that enable multiple enterprises with international operations to promote innovations into production quicker. We know we have a lot of hard work to do to assure HCL Commerce retains its leadership position in the industry, but the customer feedback and customer interaction in just six short weeks since the close of the acquisition on July 1st has been amazing.

No Disruption – Our First Fix Pack is Now Available

Finally, I am pleased to announce that barely a month after the acquisition, the Commerce team has released its first monthly cadence of updates for HCL Commerce version 8. The details for the release can be found here. The update for V9 will be released very shortly.

Stay Tuned, More to Come

The excitement and energy across the whole Commerce team has been amazing and customers are responding to the desire to have a ‘Relationship beyond the contract’. The future for HCL Commerce is looking very positive. We have in-person customer TechConnects, along with Webinar events planned to capture even more direct customer feedback and share the rapid advancements HCLSoftware is committing to and delivering in the HCL Commerce solution.


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