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We recently kicked off a series of virtual discussion and Q&A sessions between our customers and our engineering team. It’s an opportunity for customers to get to know the engineering team, ask them questions about capabilities, design thinking and why they made certain decisions about the platform around a specific theme.

We aim for a smaller group to ensure all participants have an opportunity to ask questions, offer opinions and feel like they are part of the session and community.

Our first two were excellent, with great attendance and participation from our customer community. Below is a quick recap of both of those sessions, as well as a look ahead to our November Meet the Engineers session, which will be covering the Storefront.

Session 1 – Cloud & Deployment – September 14

For this session, we brought in our team of experts who focus on the platform’s native ability to deploy quickly in any cloud environment.

The attendees were very engaged, with questions falling into two primary categories:

1) Best practices for deploying in a cloud environment (Google, AWS and Azure all came up)

2) How HCL business services and API-first architecture work with integrations to supporting technologies (ERP, CMS, etc).

A great opening session that went the full 90 minutes, and still had a few questions open and scheduled to be pursued in follow-up meetings.

Session 2 – Performance Tuning – October 14

Our second session was intended to be very timely for the upcoming holiday shopping seasons which grip much of the world, helping our customers think through how they tune their site performance in preparation for (likely) recording breaking online shopping.

Here, our discussion centered heavily on caching tips and best practices, including the use of REDIS and DynaCache to ensure high performance and great customer experiences as the site takes on greater and greater traffic. While that topic dominated the conversation, driven by our client’s inquiries, we did cover more general best practices for prioritizing planning, performance testing and more.

Session 3 – Storefront – November 17

In the next session, we will discuss how to optimize your storefront, whether its HCL’s out of the box headless options in Sapphire or Emerald using SPA/PWAs, or a custom or third-party option using our API-first approach. Learn from our experts to get the most out of your storefront so you can sell more.

If you are a client and would like to see the recordings, please reach out to your account representative and we’ll be happy to share! And of course, if you would like a more customized 1:1 consultation on your storefront, performance tuning or any other topic, don’t hesitate to reach out and talk to our Technical Advisory team.

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