When it comes to B2B Commerce, self-service is key to an optimal buying experience.

With our recent releases, including Sapphire, our new Headless React based / API driven B2B Reference Storefront, registering and managing your organization, buyers and approval has never been easier.

To register your Organization, simply click Sign In and then select Organization Registration. You will then complete a brief registration form within which you will register your organization as well as an organization administrator account.

Upon completion of the registration form, your registration request will be sent for Approval to the Seller.

As the Seller, you will then login to the HCL Commerce Management Center and launch our newly designed business tools. Yes! No more need for legacy browser support to run these important tools!!!! We have overhauled these capabilities and developed modern Angular based tooling, which leverage our robust APIs and embedded them directly in Management Center.

In this case, as the Seller we want to approve these organization and organization administrator registration requests. These approvals are located under Approvals.

You will benefit from lots of great search and filtering capabilities to find exactly what you need quickly. For example, using filters you are able to view only those requests that are pending.

Approving/rejecting these requests are as simple as clicking on the proper option under Actions. Here you can also enter in any comments we may want to be stored with each request.

You’ll then see that your two approvals have been processed and they are in Approved status.

Now that the Seller has approved the Organization and Organization Administrator registration requests, the Buyer can login to the Sapphire storefront. With the new Sapphire storefront, we’ve also included a variety of useful Dashboard views. One very useful view is the Administrative Tools. This provides the organization administrator with capabilities to manage their organization, manage buyers and also process buyer and order approval requests easily.

Here is a brief description of each tool:

Organization Management:

From this view, you are able to modify information about your organization, review and modify the Roles assigned to your organization as well as select different Approval types associated with your organization.

Buyer Management:

This view provides you intuitive search features and filters to view your organizations buyer accounts. From this view you have the ability to reset passwords, disable users, view and modify the roles and groups associated with the buyer accounts.

Buyer and Order Approval

This view provides you the ability to approve/reject new organization Buyers as well as Order Approval requests. In the case of Order Approvals, this would be tied to your buying relationship with the seller (Contract) and would be linked to an order based threshold. For example, orders over $250 require approval from an approver within your organization.

As you can see, we have really streamlined our B2B Buyer and Seller Administration tasks and tools. We are continuing to enhance the capabilities offered in our solution and would love to hear from our customers. Please reach out to your sales rep for a demo/discussion.


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