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This theme is focused on ensuring our clients can sell in any way they need to sell to meet their customers’ needs and stay relevant in a fast-changing digital commerce world – it’s all about flexibility, agility, and extensibility packaged and delivered on a single platform.

agile business models Agile Business Models
The world is transforming to digital first commerce. This transformation increases complexity in how you go to market so you need a platform that makes things simpler. But how do you simplify the complex world of large organizations that need to support multiple models (B2B, B2C and B2B2C)? You bring all of those capabilities into a single platform and continue to enhance and support those models so the client never needs to manage multiple vendors.

Expanding Sales Capabilities
One platform also extends to ensuring all the different ways your team engages with customers is supported and optimized. It starts with self-service for order capture and reducing the cost of sale. Then enable your customer service representatives can see and update orders, identify issues and improve the customer experience. Empower your sales team with guided selling capabilities to provide that all-important personal touch while leveraging the benefits of an advanced cloud-native commerce platform. New GEOs Ö. New brands Ö. New acquisitions Ö.

Best of Breed
With the help and input of our clients and partners, we have built a platform that gives you everything you need to sell more. Then we went a step further and delivered a set of comprehensive REST APIs to expose every part of the platform so that you can quickly and easily extend your commerce solution and leverage your investments – prefer a 3rd party CMS? A PIM? Need to plug-in your ERP system? We’ve built a platform that helps you succeed however you want to build your digital commerce.

New Channel Capabilities 

new channel capabilities Our Clients have shown us that the best B2B and B2C businesses don’t sell through a single channel, but are agile and flexible enough to incorporate new channels as they arise. HCL Commerce is a single platform ready to support all the channels through which you go to market such as marketplaces, social selling and beyond – who knows what the next hot channel will be? Our cloud-native commerce platform is inherently able to integrate any new selling channel our clients need with ease so they can focus on selling more.

That’s why we’re The Transaction Platform That Helps You Sell More.

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