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A recent report from Swedish PostNord, E-barometern Annual Report 2021, reveals interesting findings that can affect how successful your ecommerce business will be across different European countries, dependent upon the digital maturity in the local market. The report highlights that the European ecommerce market is stronger than ever, with Sweden leading with an amazing 96% of the population having shopped online in 2021, followed by UK and Finland.

international e-commerce

E-barometern Annual Report 2021

UK and Germany continue to be the largest European e-commerce markets. Both countries have large populations, high average purchases, and significant percentages of e-commerce consumers. In Germany, more than 60 million consumers shop online and, in the UK, nearly 50 million, the report states.

e-barometern 2021

E-barometern Annual Report 2021

This is not surprising to HCL Commerce, as we see an increasing number of new European clients and a desire from existing clients to grow revenues by catering to the European market with new storefronts tailored for each country. In particular, we see a strong interest in our latest addition to our commerce platform, our marketplace, where customers can invite vendors and partners to display and sell their products through our customers’ HCL Commerce marketplace – with no added investment or integration needed since the marketplace capability is already a part of their HCL Commerce platform. This secures our customers an even bigger relevance to the market as well as a larger product inventory to present to their European customer who is ready to shop more online.

have shopped online

E-barometern Annual Report 2021

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