The future of commerce IS cloud-native. We are investing heavily in our cloud-native capabilities because we believe this and so do our clients – so much so that they trust our vision to grow their sales beyond $160 billion annually. Core to our cloud native strategy is continuing to enhance its core strengths and benefits with each release:

Get the freedom of choice you have always wanted. Wish you could have your B2B or B2C commerce platform on Google or Azure? Do it quickly and easily. Want to set up a hybrid cloud approach on IBM or AWS? Not a problem. Change your mind and want to bring it all back in-house? HCL Commerce has you covered – do what’s best for your business without restrictions or limitations.

Innovation Velocity

Customers are always looking for the next new experience and it can be tough for B2B and B2C organizations to keep up. With a cloud-native architecture it is easy to adopt development strategies that support innovation and empower the business and IT teams to work together and bring new capabilities to the platform faster than the competition.

Digital commerce is growing astronomically and it has never been more important to differentiate your online brand. Cloud-native commerce liberates you from templates that constrain your creativity so you can build distinctive customer experiences that excite your customers.

Giving up control of digital commerce no longer makes sense – being able to keep your customer data, being able to choose your cloud strategy, being able to create your customer experience – these are decisions that materially affect your business and help you sell more. Take back control with cloud native commerce.

DevOps Simplification
Enabling and empowering DevOps is a key contributor to getting the most out of cloud-native. Ensuring your development and operations teams are able to work together seamlessly and streamline the innovation process means you can bring more business driving changes to your commerce platform faster. We continually look to bring the latest tooling and support for efficient build and deploy, as well as cloud monitoring and operations.

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