What the heck is that?

  • Studying Business impact?
  • Analysing business impact through analytics?
  • An analytics environment that allow for business impact analysis?

Something in that arena! For the purposes of this piece, Business Impact Analytics is a combination of all these. All in the name of answering a few key questions about online customer experience:

  • What are the critical business functions?
  • How do changes or disruptions to those functions affect core success?

In an effort to predict the consequences of proposed or even regular changes, HCL employs analytics solutions that provide us with a vast playground of key metrics. The introduction of a powerful analytics engine with access to a complete set of user experience data, now introduces new possibilities. 

How can historical user experience data help predict outcomes for new efforts in marketing and advertising partnerships?

In any analysis effort, we collect and analyse data. HCL Unica Discover allows for a focused view of that data tailored to the specifics of your business, with the only limit being your imagination and creativity on reporting and insights, using a vast sea of customer interactions.

Business Impact Analytics still requires a deep understanding of business operations, goals and strategy. HCL Unica Discover leverages a powerful analytics engine that can tie real-time customer behaviors to core business functions. Allowing for data-backed decision making, based on historical customer behavior.

Unica Discover allows organizations to decide for themselves, what critical functions / key metrics predict success for their organization. This kind of customization and open environment variability can be intimidating, as some tools “simplify” solutions by telling orgs what their key metrics are. However, the unique qualities of any application / organization / business, cannot be fully defined or analysed by ‘industry metrics’ alone – That will require a personalized look.

The ability to answer questions like ‘what will this type of change result in?’ Relies largely on the ability to answer the question ‘What has this type of change resulted in historically?’

Thus the power of Unica Discover analytics. Whatever the types of changes proposed; Interest rates, shipping charges, fees or site / layout re-design, Unica Discover can help predict the related effects.

The power of Unica Discover’s analytics capabilities lies in its ability to segment reporting data by – well just about anything. Almost any metric imaginable, that can be associated with a customer experience, can be used to ‘slice’ data into easily understood, meaningful and actionable results. This capability enables you to analyse and understand the business impact of marketing initiatives, and create a contextualized view of how marketing investments are impacting your company’s tactical, operational and business outcomes.

Want to tap into the power of HCL Unica Discover? Start your journey here.

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