As part of the HCL Now launch, Unica Discover on HCL Now is now available as a cloud-native-as-a-service solution. What does this mean? Basically, HCL is extending more choice in how you manage and deploy your solution.

First, if you would prefer to have someone else manage or host, the Discover platform for you, now (pun intended) you have that option. All your upgrades are taken care of – they can even be applied in the middle of the day or during your peak season, with little to no risk. Plus, all the benefits of cloud native like faster time to value, lower cost of deployment and management with extensibility and improved integrations through REST APIs. The additional benefits of HCL Now are:

  1. Cloud Native Now
    Enterprise-grade availability, unlimited scalability and flexibility of cloud native, with dedicated, secure environments deployed and managed on your public cloud of choice.
  2. Experts on Demand
    Reduce risk and cost as you move to cloud native with our cloud and Discover experts.
  3. More for Less, No Lock-in
    Software and customization investments are portable to any cloud, public or private. Shared initial investment to kickstart your transformation.

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“One of our early retail customers is using it to deliver actionable insights to their business, leading to identifying an issue resulting in an estimated $500k+ revenue impact per year.”

Powered by HCL Solution Factory (SoFy), which means faster time to value with our one-click deployment that even a business user can do for faster deployment. Secondly you can choose the cloud of your choice and let SofY take care of the differences between AWS or Azure, two of our most popular cloud hosting solutions. Thirdly, Easy access to product containers and the CI/CD automation that makes software distribution easy with the cloud-native way.

Want to learn more? Listen to Dr. Alex Mulholland, Chief Platform Architect at HCL Software discussing HCL Now and SoFy with Johnn Tinch, Chief Technology Officer at HCL Commerce watch here.

HCL Now gives you the control you desire with the convenience of SaaS. Unica Discover on HCL Now is cloud native as a service. Want to give it a try – Sign up for SoFy


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