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When I get one of those company emails expressing ‘we are here to help’, it is nice to get the reassurance that we are not in this crazy situation alone and that those companies I choose to do business with are supporting me. HCL is sending those same messages but since ‘Actions speak louder than words, I thought I would share some examples of how HCL Commerce is helping clients through these difficult times. 

Remote Support

HCL Commerce has been adopted by a number of the big warehouse stores or wholesale clubs for their commerce operations. As you can imagine, transaction volumes have peaked since the crisis broke and our first customer reached out to us concerned about business continuity when their staff were working from home. Remote Support is what we do all the time. Our Technical Advisors spent a day with the client, free of charge, sharing how our teams operate remotely and ensure the platform stays at peak efficiency and delivers the best experience to consumers.  

Peak Volumes

The second wholesale club client is deployed in the cloud and they were seeing their average order lines spike x20 as consumers placed increasingly large orders. An infrastructure issue, although not crashing the system, was causing a bottleneck and their cloud provider could not identify and resolve. One of our specialists, working closely with both parties used their extensive expertise to locate and fix the issue in the infrastructure, so the client could keep their commerce system working without major interruption. Our support teams don’t simply work within the boundaries of our platform and often apply the knowledge learned over many years to solve problems again at no additional cost despite the issue being unrelated to HCL Commerce. 

A grocery/supermarket client in Asia Pacific, who went live with V9 just before the crisis hit suddenly found their peak volumes at 5x their daily average! As part of their testing they had tested peaks to x1.5 their highest volumes, but this was unprecedented. The system kept operating thanks to the client engaging with our technical specialists immediately, who were able to quickly identify any potential issues and resolve in real-time. 

A large pharmacy in the UK is currently seeing their usual holiday season peaks and have reached out to the HCL Commerce team for operational support. With years of experience helping our clients successfully navigate these stressful peak periods, we are ready to go. 

Beyond the Contract

HCL Commerce shares the same sentiment via emails to our clients that we are ‘here to help. The actions from our dedicated commerce teams in support, technical advisors and advisory services hopefully illustrate that our actions speak louder than words. At HCL we call this going ‘Beyond the Contract’ and its part of our culture and DNA and that we really are in this journey together with our customers. 

Stay safe and if you have any questions or need assistance with your commerce platform, don’t hesitate to reach out to us – we truly are here to help Schedule Time


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