In an ideal world, B2B pricing would be easy, a base price with a simple hierarchical pricing model. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works in the real world. You are no longer in control of your own pricing – expect customers, channels and sales teams to request new pricing models frequently, either to make it easier for the customer to buy, match a competitor pricing strategy or have the ability to apply contractual terms to a sale. Get pricing wrong and expect the impact to be immediate and potentially long-lasting to your revenues.

ERP may be your source for all pricing information but it’s your customer-facing platforms that need the flexibility to keep you relevant in today’s market. In this whitepaper, we will address 5 ways complex pricing can impact your B2B Commerce strategy and why:

    • A lack of pricing flexibility will result in lost revenue
    • Customers expect pricing to be more dynamic
    • B2B Commerce platforms are not all the same
    • Your ERP solution is not the answer to complex pricing
    • Complex pricing is inevitable (regardless of company size)

If you are going to B2B Next in Chicago Sept 30-Oct 2, come and talk with us in person at the LiveArea booth #718

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