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Automation | July 29, 2022
HCL Clara V2 for HCL Workload Automation: a perfect mix of Power and Control
HCL Clara V2.0 has a new look, feel, and functionality to help people interact better and stay productive, and the visual aspect is wholly changed.
Automation | July 12, 2021
3 Simple ways HCL Clara will enhance Workload Automation experience
Looking for the most innovative chatbot platform? Times are changing and you always look forward to find the most innovative platform. Maybe 5 years ago you would never have imagined that it would be possible to have a "person" by your side, who in every working moment, would tell you what to do, how to do it, and relieve you from all those low value-added activities. 
Automation | January 20, 2020
HCL Clara – Your Intelligent Virtual Assistant!
An Intelligent Virtual Assistant, recognizes human input and provides responses by tapping into a rich, specialized knowledge base.

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