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Mainframes | May 13, 2021
Ensure Optimal ROI of Your Mainframe Assets
Don’t weigh down your Z System with outdated and unused software - Realize the ROI on Z Systems. Now you can enable continuous innovation and speed with the software assets by implementing a robust IT asset management program. Learn how HCL Z Asset Optimizer can discover an inventory of software assets and their usage to help you to simplify asset management, optimize software cost & comply with vendor audit. For starters, here are a few questions for you. How are you currently monitoring your System z software assets, usage and licenses? Do you know how many software products you have currently deployed? And the last question to ask yourself is how well are you managing IBM Z Systems software assets? If the answers rattle you, know that it is a time to upgrade your Z System with HCL Z Asset Optimizer— it can discover an inventory of software assets and their usage to help you to simplify asset management, optimize software cost & comply with vendor audit. But what is HCL Z Asset Optimizer (ZAO)? It is a market-leading solution for discovering and monitoring software assets on IBM System Z (mainframe) platform. Whether you are looking for a solution to manage IBM/ISV software products or in-house applications, ZAO provides the insights needed to manage them effectively.  Darren Oberst, Corporate Vice President and Head of HCL Software explains it just right, “We’ve simplified a market-leading product while unlocking added value that further meets the needs of our customers.” But what are these added values? HCL ZAO v2.1 includes significant enhancements ONLY available from HCL Software: Simplify Software License Reconciliation: ZAO simplifies the process of comparing software inventory and their usage information against software license information. New reports help to identify cost optimization opportunities and software audit exposures more quickly, eliminating the...
Mainframes | March 16, 2021
The 3 New Capabilities of HCL Z Asset Optimizer v2.1
Each year, organizations spend billions of dollars on software. And many may not be getting the value they should from the investment. By not keeping careful track of software purchases, installation, and usage patterns, enterprises may find themselves overspending on application licenses that they don’t even use. This calls for a supporting strategy for continuous software optimization and audit. Now the enterprises should be able to reconcile the software license usage against the actual use and inventory status, identify areas of investigation as quickly as possible, and ease the consumption of asset data management. One of the major challenges - a lot of mainframe assets hold a dependency on IBM Db2 on z/OS and a database administrator to manage software assets which adds to the total cost of running the solution. HCL Z Asset Optimizer is a market-leading mainframe software asset management solution for discovering and monitoring software assets on IBM System Z (Mainframe) platform. It recognizes more than 15,000 software products, discovers inventory of software assets, and monitors their usages across your z/OS environments. And we’ve recently introduced significant enhancements to HCL Z Asset Optimizer v2.1. The highlights of the new release include – Simplify Software License Reconciliation: ZAO simplifies the process of comparing software inventory & their usage information against software license information. New reports help you to identify cost optimization opportunities and software audit exposures more quickly – eliminating the tedious manual reconciliation steps. ZAO V2.1 license verification feature is specifically designed for the mainframe users, and it is an all-inclusive feature of the product. Unlock Software Asset Information: ZAO captures software asset inventory and usage information along with the license information. The wealth of software asset information can now be accessed using REST APIs of ZAO V2.1. Using the APIs, you can incorporate the software asset information reliably and efficiently into your business processes and applications based on your requirements. Practical Innovation to Simplify...
Mainframes | March 4, 2021
Five Reasons Why HCL ZAO Is Must for IBM Z Systems Customers
Mission-critical business applications continue to rely on IBM Z Systems/Mainframe platforms for its versatile, secure, high-performance, and high availability architecture. About 80 per cent of the world's corporate data resides or originates on mainframes and is commonly used in a variety of industries, including: 44 out of the top 50 worldwide banks The top 10 insurance organizations 18 of the top 25 retailers  We can understand by above stats how crucial is IBM Mainframe for the enterprise business. But with that also comes an array of Complex architecture and software assets spread across the enterprises. A business must know what software inventory and its usage. Without this information, these companies are more than likely paying for seldom-used, unused or obsolete software. This is where the HCL Z Asset Optimizer (HCL ZAO) comes into the picture, specifically designed for IBM Z Systems/Mainframe customers to manage software asset inventory, their usage and license information in one integrated solution. Check out the five reasons why HCL ZAO is must for your IBM Z Systems/Mainframe.  Complete Automation - Automatic discovery of Mainframe software assets & application usage   ZAO, a market leading Mainframe software asset discovery tool that can recognize over 15,000+ mainframe software products and features from IBM and other software vendors and provides comprehensive software inventory reports. Also it accurately tracks and reports the usage of in-house z/OS applications - Batch workload , CICS , IMS transactions written in COBOL, PL/I, C/C++, REXX , Java  ROI on Z Systems -Optimize Software Licensing Cost  ZAO has a unique capability called “licensing & contract Optimization” to save hundreds of thousands of dollars for Mainframe customers without impacting the systems & business applications (Zero Impact to business application). Insights from ZAO can helps Mainframe customers to: Negotiate licensing cost with software vendors  Eliminate Less Frequently used Software products or Not used products  Identify over- or under-licensing software's.  Identify candidate for MIPS optimization  Audit & Compliance -Reduce corporate risk A failed software compliance audit can cost an organization heavenly as a fine per violation. An audit can be failed due to the presence of pirated software, using more licenses than allotted, or other violations of the software’s End-User License...
Mainframes | February 3, 2021
Using Code Base to set a Custom Location
This blog describes how to set the custom location, if Custom HTML pages from locations other than the ZIEWeb publish directory are used. STEPS : Create a new folder (like Customfolder). Launch the Deployment Wizard. Go to Advanced Options and select Code base. Specify the URL in the Code base field (Example: http://localhost/zie1). Here, zie1 is the ZIEWeb publish directory Alias. 5. Select the newly created Custom location in the Directory field. 6. Create the HTML page. 7. Create the Alias for Custom folder in the webserver config page. Here, the custom folder Alias is added to httpd.conf file using the Apache WebServer. 8. Access the Custom HTML page in the browser. Here, customzie is the Custom folder Alias. 9. Launch the HTML page.  
Mainframes | January 22, 2021
Installing Z and I Emulator for Web
Z and I Emulator for Web (‘ZIEWeb’ or ‘ZIE for Web’) is a browser-based multi-platform application that is designed to be compatible with a wide range of browsers and operating systems. The product is tested with all the available versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and other browsers to ensure that Users continue to have reliable access to host systems with benefits of browser-based technology. Salient features of ZIE for Web: Multi-platform browser-based emulator API Support Support for IBM system Z and I Language support English and Japanese Transport Layer Security(TLS) Installing ZIE for Web ZIE for Web can be installed on all the supported platforms using Installation Manager. Select File > Preferences. 2. Select Repositories in the left panel. This option shows all the available repositories that have been added to the Installation Manager. 3. If HCL ZIE for Web is not listed, then Select the Add Repository button on the right side. 4. Click Browse and navigate to the location of the extracted HCL ZIE WEB path and select the diskTag.inf file present in disk1 folder. 5. Click OK, to add the new repository location to the list. 6. Click Test Connections to ensure that the Repository URL is available. 7. From the Home page of the Installation Manager, click Install. The Installation Manager searches the defined repositories for available packages. 8. Select the ‘Z and I Emulator for Web’ package. Click Next. 9. Read the license agreements. If you agree to the terms of the license agreement, select the checkbox against ‘I accept the terms of the license agreement’, and then click Next to continue. 10. Select the required architecture and click on Next. 11. Select the languages that you want to install. The default language is English. Click Next. 12. Review your selection and provide the...