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Cloud Native, HCL Software | July 22, 2021
Why take an enterprise software portfolio cloud native?
The phrase cloud native generally conjures images of containers, microservices and 'born on the cloud' 12-factor applications. Read the blog for more details.
Announcing HCL Commerce on Now
We are excited to announce that HCL Commerce on Now is now available. Everybody loves HCL Commerce but what is HCL Now and why do we have an offering called HCL Commerce on Now? Here is the complete details.
Cloud Native, HCL Software | July 20, 2021
HCL Software Unveils HCL Now and SoFy
Five years ago, we imagined a future where our software products could be deployed in minutes into dynamic public, private and hybrid clouds. We harmonized our investments and roadmaps to get cloud-native from the ground up. 5,000+ people-years of investments later, we have: 
HCL Software | July 1, 2021
Launch 7.2: Impactful Updates Enabling Faster Continuous Delivery
Having the right tools to facilitate your continuous delivery processes is crucial to your success. Managing Java distribution is one way Launch 7.2 enables faster continuous delivery.  
HCL Software | June 25, 2021
Software Bill of Materials: Managing 3rd-party Components
This is the second in a series of blog posts on how to use VersionVault to help generate accurate and comprehensive Software Bills of Materials (SBOM) for your applications. Virtually any software system is dependent on 3rd-party components (i.e. not authored by the team), even if just the utility classes/functions provided with the language used (e.g. the C++ Standard Library). It is frequently said, “Put everything in a VOB!”