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Manage TVC-Grid Validation in Unica Plan
Marketing & Commerce | November 12, 2020
Manage TVC-Grid Validation in Unica Plan – A Systematic Way
HCL Unica Plan (Formerly known as Marketing Operations) supports the feature called Tabular View Control (TVC) Grid. It helps marketers choose different attributes.
Announcing HCL Sametime Premium
Digital Solutions | November 10, 2020
Announcing HCL Sametime Premium. Secure Video Meetings & Persistent Chat at Significant Savings
Ensure secure collaboration with your organization's stakeholders with secure video meetings by using our latest technologies and standards of HCL Sametime.
4 Keys to Enterprise Chat Apps
Digital Solutions | August 27, 2020
The 4 Keys to Enterprise Chat Apps. What is secure enterprise chat, and why do I need it?
Organizations need to pick solutions that are safe, cost-effective, and make sense for the business. Given the global push toward remote work, employee engagement is key.
End-to-End Encryption
Digital Solutions | August 21, 2020
Why End-to-End Encryption Isn’t Always What You Want: 4 Important Insights
Ensuring secure messaging and the larger security reputation of the organization is not only a goal but a requirement. Encryption is a fundamental pillar of that Security.
HCL Sametime Pre-Release v11.5
Digital Solutions | August 18, 2020
HCL Sametime Pre-Release v11.5: Try It Out Now!
HCLSoftware announces the availability of a pre-release of HCL Sametime v11.5, the newest version of the trusted video meetings and persistent chat platform.
Enterprise Meetings Solutions
Digital Solutions | August 12, 2020
Is Your Head in the Cloud(s)? Choosing Between Private Cloud or on-Premises for Deploying Enterprise Meetings Solutions
The decision on a private cloud or on-premise storage is important — choosing the wrong enterprise deployment can dramatically impact your entire business.
How Virtual Meetings Can Become Very Real Headaches.
Digital Solutions | July 16, 2020
Are Work Video and Chat Platforms Safe? How Virtual Meetings Can Become Very Real Headaches.
Virtual workspaces are now a common feature in business communication. Having a secure video and chat platform is vital, as it gives teams the power to connect and innovate within a safe digital environment. But how safe are these tools, and how important is that safety to the employees and overall operations of enterprise companies?  
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