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It’s that time again – nominations are now open for year 2 of the HCL Ambassadors Program for BigFix. This year, Rhonda Studnick Kaiser and I have been delighted to work with several of our rockstar customers and partners who joined us as Ambassadors for the inaugural year of the program, including:

  • Catherine Cotter, FIS
  • Rob Greenway, Schlumberger
  • Trevor Norrey, Santander
  • Jon Landis, American Eagle
  • Boyd Bradford, AIS
  • Murad Saleh, BluEye
  • Dan Powers, Sirius
  • Connie Lamicela, ESM

The HCL Ambassadors Program recognizes customers and partners who go above and beyond to promote HCLSoftware products, engage with the community, and help others. And now you have the power to recognize and promote these individuals by nominating them to be an HCL Ambassador. The HCL Ambassadors Program has been very active with HCL Digital Solutions, showcasing over 100 Ambassadors over the past several years, and now we’re bringing this program to BigFix again for the second year.

Access to the program is decided annually following a public nomination, HCL judging, and selection process. Nominations are now open through October 31, 2021, followed by the internal selection process. The new 2022 HCL Ambassadors for BigFix will be announced in December, with the new term to commence on January 1, 2022.

Do you know a BigFix customer or partner who has organized a user group event, written blog posts, forum posts, created training or helped support other customers to optimize their use of BigFix? We’re lucky to have some wonderful BigFix evangelists within our external customer ecosystem – you know who you are. And now you have the power to recognize and promote these individuals who have gone above and beyond their current roles to help and support others. How? By nominating them to be an HCL Ambassador for BigFix. BigFix users can even nominate themselves!


What is the HCL Ambassador Program? A personal recognition program, whereby HCL recognizes individuals, not companies, who go above and beyond to promote HCL products, engage with the community, and help others

Who can be an Ambassador? Any BigFix customer or partner

How does a candidate get nominated? Customers or partners can self-nominate or nominate others, and HCL employees can nominate any customer or partner.

Is this program just for North America or worldwide? Worldwide

What is the HCL Ambassador Program term? January 1 – December 31, 2021

What is the nomination process? Use the online nomination form and enter information about the individual you’re nominating and provide 3 pieces of “evidence” from the last 12 months to show how they are publicly promoting HCL BigFix.

What are the benefits of being an Ambassador?

  • Networking with other HCL Ambassadors for BigFix and the broader HCL Ambassadors community
  • Access to ‘invite-only’ beta programs and events
  • Bi-annual calls with Senior Executives
  • Fast escalation of support tickets to Subject Matter Expert engineers
  • Free of charge license to use HCLSoftware products
  • Enhances exposure of published content through syndication into the HCL Ambassadors Blog
  • Up to $200 of HCL Ambassadors branded merchandise
  • Access to the HCL Ambassadors merchandise store from March – November (when available)

What are some ways that new Ambassadors can interact with one another and engage for networking and relationship-building? 

  • A Slack channel that has product-specific threads as well as general ones for all HCL Ambassadors
  • Monthly Virtual Meetups with our Ambassadors that include product updates, guest speakers, and open discussions
  • Private BigFix Forum Channel just for Ambassadors
  • HCL Ambassador Lounges at user group events, so that the HCL Ambassadors can hang-out together and build new connections 

If someone is selected as an Ambassador, how much time is required (weekly, monthly) to get the most out of the program? HCL Ambassadors are not required to do anything apart from the once-yearly “Welcome to the Program” briefing in January. Other than this, it’s all voluntary. In order to get the most out of the program, 60-90 minutes per month will cover the Monthly Meet-Up calls and participating in the community pages regularly to engage with other HCL Ambassadors. There are also other optional activities, such as beta programs, presentations from executive leadership, product management roadmaps, and feedback sessions.

Is being recognized as an HCL Ambassadors a technical certification? The HCL Ambassador program is not a technical certification and not a sales or marketing tool, but a recognition program and community enhancement for us to give back to those who have gone “above and beyond their day job” in the past 12 months.

Is being an HCL Ambassadors an annual award program? There are two types of HCL Ambassadors:

  • HCL Ambassador – An annual award for work/deeds in the previous year.
  • HCL Lifetime Ambassador – An even more prestigious award for continuous outstanding achievement. This is a lifetime appointment and these selectees don’t need to re-apply each year.

Still have questions? Check out the HCL Ambassadors Program website for more information, or contact Lisa.Towles@hcl.com or Rhonda.Studn@hcl.com for specific questions.

Look forward to seeing your nominations!

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